DJ Dallaire | Muay Thai

D.J. Began his kickboxing career in the 1980’s at a local Karate Club. He excelled and participatedin a various competitions until at the age of sixteen when he moved to Mississauga, Ontario. With kickboxing being illegal in Ontario at the time he$ was unable locate a suitable place of study and took a hiatus from the Martial Art for several years.

In 1994 DJ saw an usual way of using knees, elbows, shin and fists being used in a very aggressive yet beautiful style of fighting. He would soon learn that this system was the science of eight limbs. That system was called Muay Thai.

He began his Muay Thai studies under Siam’s Ajahn (Master) Suchart Yodkerepauprai. From that point he learned of the art as a culture and of one of most ancient fighting systems.

DJ has fought from across Canada until 2001. He still has the energy and excitement of the art today as he did when he would fight in the ring.

His mission now as a Kru (Instructor) is to develop every student that comes to Elite Training Centre to develop into a complete student, martial artist and person.

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