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Clean & Spacious Facilities

Clean & Spacious Facilities

Mississauga's Martial Arts Academy


Welcome to Mississauga's Home for Martial Arts and Fitness Excellence

Specialising in Muay thai, BJJ, Fitness  & MMA training for all experience levels

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BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF At Elite MMA, we believe everyone has the potential to excel. Our gym is a place where you can train learn and grow into the best version of yourself.

With training that cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes we'll get you the results you deserve.

BEGINNER FRIENDLY CLASSES, DAILY We pride ourselves on our beginner-friendly training atmosphere. Every day, we offer classes that welcome newcomers with open arms. Our space is large, clean, and well-equipped, providing the perfect setting for your fitness journey. Our academy is located in the heart of Mississauga ( just steps from Dixie and Dundas) is easy to reach, whether you're driving or using public transport. Plus, with free parking and classes available seven days a week, we fit into even the most busy schedule.


Muay Thai / Kickboxing

Muay Thai is the most powerful standup striking system in existence. It’s also one of the most fun and high energy workouts you’ll ever experience. Taking your striking skills & fitness to a whole new level.

Dynamic Fitness Training

Offering you the best in functional training via Kettle-bells, Cardio,

Mobility, TRX and Olympic lifts.  Get the fitness results you deserve from your time in the gym

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an art that uses leverage and natural movement’s of your body to help you defend yourself against bigger, stronger opponents. Taught by UFC veteran & BJJ Black Belt Claude Patrick we are also home of the Core Jiu-jitsu Program.

Youth Martial Arts

We are taking Mississauga’s kids martial arts to the next level by expanding our renowned MMA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai  classes  to include youth ages 6-12 years old.

"Great programs, facility and atmosphere . Elite delivers big in all the important area's i was looking for help with fitness wise plus i love the training so its not a chore and I dont have to drag myself to train.
Do yourself a favour and give it a shiot it changed my life and im sure will yours.
The addition of mid-day classes goes a long way towards my schedule too.
thanks guys

-Clay paterson

Been a member since last November, great place to work out and learn. Strength and conditioning courses are awesome, good for all levels. And it's also a great place to meet people!

-Lexi li

I find each gym has its own vibe, its own feeling, i felt this one was a great fit. The coaches are great communicators and I appreciate their clear instructions and tips. Other members I've met are very friendly, helpful and patient. I would absolutely recommend at least coming in to try a class.

Started training here with my only focus being BJJ but the great sense of community and knowledgable coaches are what keeps bringing me back and now training Muay Thai and boxing as well. Great atmosphere. Great coaches who constantly teach and motivate.

-Matt Moloney

When it comes to quality of instruction, cleanliness and unpretentiousness, look no further. I checked out several schools before deciding to go with Elite. One of the best decisions I’ve made for sure.
The thought of my first day had my stomach churning from the moment I woke up. As someone who had no prior martial arts experience, my mind was full of what-ifs, reservations and fear. But as soon as I entered the academy, all that anxiety went away. No egos in the room at all.

Not only do I continue to learn something of real-world use, I’ve also gained back my health to the tune of 95 pounds dropped.Half a decade later, still enjoying no non-sense world-class instruction with my Elite Training Centre family.

-Jeff Tippay

Been coming for three months and I can honestly say I love it. This is a great and friendly environment for beginners to learn. Its a clean, safe and fun gym with affordable membership rates.

-Maria Hosien

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