Hi everyone,

Dec 8th was a very special day in the history of Elite training centre as we had our first batch of student promotions in the mississauga brazilian Jiu-jitsu program in addition to me being promoted to the rank of black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Thanks for all the kind words! One constant thing i hear is, “Oh you were a black belt years ago!” and the truth is for business it probably would have been great to seek a promotion years back and there are many black belts I dominate on the mats, the most important thing to keep in mind is that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is meant to be a “Gentle Art”, and by that I mean outside of the sportive or mixed martial arts arena.

Something if done right can be practiced well into old age

mississauga elite | BJJ master helio gracie still going strong proof training right can last a lifetime

Really it has nothing to do with defeating anyone else but your own understanding of the art, principles & technique “which by the way is always evolving so no one person could ever can know it all.”

Just this Saturday at the Toronto BJJ Annual, I had the pleasure of watching Elite level blue belts take to the mats with techniques that would see them tap many black belts.

Now with the association to Team Jorge Britto BJJ I am very honoured to receive the promotion for both myself and am elated to see the first batch of Mississauga BJJ blue belts.Keep in mind Elite Training Centre has been open About 3 years now and is home to some skilled fighters/grapplers but this is the first batch of students promoted directly in the “Gentle art”.

While their skills on the mats certainly made things easier it is their understanding of the art that takes them to the next level.

Congrats to

Jeff Tippay , Chirs Drexler , Steve Shearer & Randy duke on the promotions to blue belt

Mississauga Elite/Team Britto BJJ left to right jeff tipay,jorge britto,claude patrick,oscar d & allesandro carmago

Fitness workshops

We have been looking to add to our group fitness program and  hosting our instructor auditions of sorts every saturday at 10am. giving members and guest a chance to see what each coach has to offer in terms of workout style and energy, so far some pretty impressive sessions and the good news is we will still be running sessions until December 23rd and then making our final call on who will be the on going coach.

In other great fitness news we are decking out the back room to make for even better fitness sessions, just think.. that 2500 sqaure foot room setup with TRX’s , Chin up bars, kettle bells, battling ropes, medicine balls and plyo boxes.

mississauga elite – just some of the fitness tools new years will see added to the mix, look out for the trx’s and new sets of kettlebells

Should be good times and a way for those new years fitness resolution type people we all know to get off the treadmill and  get some real fitness results!

so spread the news 🙂