Mississauga Elite Sping 2014 membership close-out

Time to get you training or at the very least off my email list 🙂

 Elite training center may be known for the quality of the facility and classes but the real secret to  what makes us your best pick for martial arts and fitness is our attention to your specific needs & goals.

If you are looking to shape up and look great again in your favorite pair of jeans or just feel better on the beach come summer, All of our programs at elite are structured around what you want to accomplish  so you don’t have to worry about being tossed into some super advanced insane mma workouts 🙂


Likewise our unmatched record of in competitions from everything from the UFC  to local boxing events speaks for itself … 



” Having a set destination is the first step in actually getting there.”


My homework for you as someone who emailed to join our quickstart program is

1- Think about the specifics of what you are looking to accomplish through your martial arts/fitness training. Literally if everything goes according to plan how is training going to be used to make your life better?

2- Give me a call or text to share what you’ve come up with, If you don’t see the urgency in working towards your fitness and lifestyle goals daily then you are on the wrong email list and I ask that you unsubscribe ASAP. That way I can stop taking up your time and focus on those of you that have a goal that we will help them reach.

 mississauga martial  arts goal setting


  • Dropping those winter pounds & fitting better into your favorite clothes or shaping up for summer???
  • Kicking your bad health habits and taking care of your heart with our awesome conditioning workouts 

conditioning classes taking it outdoors




  • Cross training for other sports like hockey/ football or soccer?     


3-  Think up a time frame on when you want to accomplish the goal (this one action alone multiplies your success big time as it keeps you accountable and even more so when you are)

4- How much time you have on a weekly basis to get the job done (most members are seeing awesome results 2-3 sessions per week)

****Take a look at Dan and Janae’s incredible 6 month body transformations, these are regular people living regular lives that took control of their lives by committing to a healthier lifestyle and adding training 2-3 time per week to the schedule “I don’t advice you try the whole jumping over fire thing Janae is demonstrating though”


daniel pham mississauga elitejanae

What ever the goal Elite training centre has got you covered, We offer fun , safe, easy to learn and effective systems that will get you results faster than you ever thought possible.

The key to our success getting you to your goals is open communication and that starts tomorrow with my calls.

P.S- here is where things get crazy

It is totally possible I’ve taken too long to get in touch with you, or my previous emails ended up in your junk mail folder / promotional tab or your inbox. Hey you you may have even started a different training program and for that  I apologize, It has just been super busy at the academy getting the new 2014 members started on their programs.

To  get things back on track and show how serious we are about adding you to our list of success stories we are offering 2 FREE personal training sessions (Fitness or MMA) for anyone who emailed over 2 weeks ago that we have failed arrange free intro classes for yet.

  training sessions with any of our world class coaches ($140 value – Totally FREE)

 Lets talk soon and get you started towards the lifestyle you really want, or at the very least get you off this damn email list so we can focus on our interested clients 🙂  For most of you I prefer option #1 but it is only fair that I  lay everything on the table.

Talk soon

Coach Patrick