2015 starts with a New Muay Thai Coach & Training Options

Off to a great start in 2015

As a member at the academy you’ve shown your commitment to reaching your training goals so as staff at elite we are always looking to find better ways to deliver on our end of the deal giving you the facilities , classes coaching and equipment you deserve.

so here is the plan under way
New Muay thai kickboxing program additions
Rush hour traffic in this city is crazy so we are expanding the Muay Thai kickboxing program
to also offer later classes,making it possible for those of you facing a commute to
get home the chance to get some work in to wrap up the day.

New Thaiboxing Classes will be held every
Monday & Wednesday 8pm – 9pm.  
Starting February 2nd 2015

The original class schedule still remains the same and these new classes are add-on to the schedule so nothing changes with the 6pm classes that are currently running so well.

core work at mississauga muay thai












New Kru added to the thaiboxing program

We also have to extend a warm welcome to our Kru Alex Spamalang
the new addition to our muay thai coaching staff.
Alex bring a super high level of energy to every class and the reviews
of his first 3 classes were phenomenal. 

That being the case we have worked out the details to make him 
part of the coaching staff going forward.

Welcome to the team Alex.

Stay tuned for the news on the expansion of the other programs this week
2015 has started out great and are looking to keep the ball rolling.