Year End Muay Thai & BJJ plans | Mississauga Elite Martial Arts

The year is winding down but we are still getting in some really good holiday season training at the academy on all fronts.

Our Mississauga martial arts schedule is running  regularly until Saturday afternoon where we will close for Sunday Dec 31st & Monday Jan 1st then back to normal
heading into 2018..

Holiday Visitors

It’s actually pretty cool to have so many visitors coming in from all over seeking us out for training while in the area visiting friends and family.
yesterday alone we hosted people from ( California,Cuba, Hamilton, Guelph, England & Vancouver .. keep em coming its great to see and feel different styles”)
looking forward to see what the rest of the week brings in 🙂

focuses this week to wind down the year

Muay Thai

the neck clinch in action

Realistic clinch reactions.. Cmon crew we all know the Wanderlai Silva 2 hands on the head (plum) but honestly in terms of percent used its not really that common unless you totally dominate the situation so instead we’re taking the time to look at what really happens in the clinch and a few solid options to control or exit the situation entirely.

You-tube has some great content that helps get you thinking in the right direction but as with almost all things martial arts related you are first going to have to feel it to really make it work.. hence the training 🙂
some good video none the less below

“funny how much this looks like a wrestling / bjj – duckunder… once again further proof effective technique need no label”

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | Reverse De La Riva options

reverse delariva bjj attacks this week

On the Jiu-Jitsu front we have been looking at the reverse Dela-Riva position as an effective method of dealing with the pressure from the knee cut pass.
Beyond the basic guard re-composure and grip breaking drills we have been using the kiss of the dragon inversion to  off balance the passer and threaten back attacks /  submissions (**great entry to leg attacks)
going to keep plugging at this form both the top and bottom perspective.

Personally I see it as a very poor tactical choice to ever put yourself in a position of inversion but for those of you looking at sport bjj competition or just a full understanding of the art its really important to see both sides of the coin so we wont be leaving  any technical stone un-turned.

BJJ legend Fernando Terere with a nice sweep for people who pressure low in the RDL

If we don’t see you before the 1st happy new years and thanks for making 2017 the best yet at elite.