Hey everyone, so being proactive and getting out in front of Doug ford announcements later this week I wanted to layout options we have been working on based on the situation we are currently facing with the covid shutdown.

options in the covid reopening saga

As I see it 1 out of 3 things that could happen
Here’s the list Going from best to worst, here are the options as I see them.

1- Worst case scenario we stay closed, by all accounts the announcement from the government later this week is supposed to go along the lines of restaurants and other affected businesses are going to be able to operate at 50 percent capacity would be pretty good as we have the previous systems set up to operate smoothly in that situation.

BUT things being what they are there is the possibility the announcement could out other businesses are open but gyms are still closed.

Not what anyone wants to hear but it is possible, so we have a plan.

In the event that happens, we will now be offering either in-home or trainer’s home studio sessions.

During the first shut down a few of us started building out home training solutions and have been getting a lot of calls in regards to PT sessions so ready to roll them out.

If things go that route I’ll have a new page on the website built with more info but fingers crossed it doesn’t come to that.

Option #2 – Most likely partial reopening

Most likely, in my opinion, is the partial reopening similar to what did we last year, I believe the capacity was 50 percent in phase 3 last year so if that were the case we would simply resume Boxing, BJJ, & Muay Thai classes + the inhouse personal training.

Learning from the previous experience we’ve found in the case popular training times weren’t able to accommodate everyone so we’ve opened the doors to morning and afternoon training times.

morning sessions are a go for mississauga boxing

More info on the way with this as it is something we will be running regardless but essentially think of how a boxing gym actually operates. Not a class to group sessions but 1 – 1.5 hour time slots where you book based on trainer availability and schedule come in a run through a guided workout out.

round 1-3 warm-up and mobility
rounds 3-6 skipping and footwork
Rounds 6+8 Shadowboxing
Rounds 8+10 pad work
rounds 11-13 bag work
Rounds 13-15 conditioning

In a 1-hour time slot rotating through your stations, you’ve just worked through a killer session regardless of skill or experience level.
* This isn’t limited to just boxing I just used it as the easiest to explain example but when launched we will be running these from 7 am – 3 pm so really opening the door up time-wise to people finding the other time slots tricky.

Highly unlikely complete reopening 🙂

Option number 3
Unlikely but possible is all restrictions are dropped everything reopens up 100% capacity and we’re back to business as things were before the way shutdown. I don’t see it going like that but just putting it out there, The press conference is supposed to be this week so check back for more specific news as to what directions things will be going in for next week over the weekend.

Thanks catch you in a bit