2022 Ontario Muay thai Provincial championships day 1 wrap up

2022 ontario muay thai championships

Had the pleasure of stopping by the 2022 Muay Thai provincial championships on my way home from teaching bjj classes at the academy this afternoon.

Even with all the uncertainty over the last 2 years and random closures the leaders in the Ontario Muay Thai community still came out in force and banded together to put on a great event.It being my 1st time at the paramount centre sports complex for a Muay Thai event I was quite impressed by the setup physically and logistically put together by the staff of Muay Thai Ontario.

mississauga elite at 2022 muay thai provincials

Some video from behind the scenes is attached above

As someone in the local combat sports scene for more than 20 years it was great to see the growth in people I previously knew as fighters into now coaches and event administration that will continue to make Muay thai events like this possible.