This past weekends Muay thai level 1 evaluation

Thanks & Congratulations to all who completed thier level 1 muay thai testing yesterday (august 20th)  In total there were 9 attendees for this testing session with 2 new members making the move towards the blue shorts.

Please check with Kru Dj later this week for the results of this round of evaluation.

d1 level 1 testing seems nicole is hard at work

Bjj/grappling news

This week we also have 3 members going for phase 1 grappling testing , with the bjj class growing rapidly in size, the level of skill and learning curve is getting much higher so it seems we can look forward to a new batch of blue belts shortly.

Grappling Fundamentals

The new grappling fundamentals program is off  to a great start.  People have been asking how its different than our Brazilian jiujitsu class so here my friends is a bit of a run down on whats what  in elite training centre’s newest program.

Having been lucky enough to  implement my grappling in just about every possible situation ..(Sport bjj tournements,  MMA events and most importantly self defense situations)  I figured it a good idea to use this experience to formulate this new programs lesson plan. Covering the most important aspects of ground fighting  both offense and defensively it will serve as the entry level program for new members looking to participate in the Brazlian Jiujitsu class and  for those who don’t it will certianly leave you much better preparred to deal with a ground fighting situation.

our program has a rottating 18 lesson plan so its simple to follow along and train in a structured fashion & building your skills

As of now the classes are held Tuesdays 7-8pm  and Friday 6- 7 pm but with our facility expansion shortly upcoming we can look to see more of thesegrappling classes in addition our BJJ classes.

here is a clip of a  great drill  that will help build the reflex to avoid the ever popular guillotine choke taken from last weeks class.