New wrestling coaching staff

but first up we are glad to welcome the Coach Ainsley Robinson addition to Elite training centre’s  line up of instructors..

A lifelong Athlete and 1996 Canadian Olympian in the sport of wrestling Ainsley teaches a high paced and technical class.. Whether your plans to keep things in a striking or grappling mode you need some method of controlling where the fight takes place so take advantage of Mississauga’s top wrestling coach, here inside Elite training centre

Wrestling is held Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm and Ainsley also trains here along side many of the area’s top athletes in the PEAK MMA training sessions Saturday afternoons at 1:30pm

the 7 dragons kids mixed martial arts training Dojo is fully in action…

Class times are now

6pm to 7pm ( tuesday and thursday) + 11am-noon on saturdays.. with more classes coming soon



given the additonal space we are now also able to offer Jiu-jitsu & grappling  5 days per week!!!.

in addition to our existing BJJ classes  our no gi  grappling fundamentals program taught by world class mixed martial artist & elite training centre coach claude patrick are now held mondays and wednesdays 7-8pm in the new training space.

Please note This session does not replace our strength and conditioning program that takes place at the same time in large training space (GYM #1)

And where else will you find this???

The madness continues here at Elite.. i walk in to the academy to wrap things up before taking off for my training trip to florida and figure things are looking pretty good,  Classes appear to be running smoothly student and staff are happy so im naturally happy and proceed to the computer to do my blog update hop in the computer to post about the upcoming muay thai seminar, schedule changes ect only to meet by this riddle of sorts

elite supplementation

How are you going to take you Fish oils , Greens complex and Vega meal replacement only to wash it down with Whopper with Cheese??? At least this character clearly has thier cheat meal factored into thier diet

Sometimes things are better left unsaid 🙂

Until next time

Team Elite


i am in florida until next week with the rest of the guys @ imperial athletics and will get some technique and behind the scenes video done so check back next week for updates.