7 Knockouts in MMA History That Shocked the World

One of the most thrilling aspects of MMA fights is the possibility of a knockout. It is often considered the ultimate victory in MMA as it shows both skill and power.

Over the years, there have been many shocking knockouts that have left viewers speechless and changed the course of a fight or even a fighter's career. So, let's discuss seven of the most memorable knockouts in MMA history that shocked the world.

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm

In November 2015, Ronda Rousey was on top of the world and considered the most dominant female mixed martial artist in the world. She had an undefeated record of 12-0 and had successfully defended her title six times.

Her opponent, Holly Holm, was also an accomplished fighter but was not expected to pose much of a threat to Rousey. However, in one of the biggest upsets in MMA history, Holm knocked out Rousey with a head kick in the second round. The entire MMA community was stunned as they watched the once-invincible champion fall to the ground.

Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping

The first fight between Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping at UFC 100 showcased a legendary knockout that reverberated throughout the sport. During this iconic showdown, Henderson delivered a thunderous right hand in the second round that sent Bisping crashing to the canvas. Already knocked out, Henderson delivered one more blow to an unconscious Bisping, solidifying its place as one of the most memorable knockouts in MMA history.

A rematch happened at UFC 204, where Bisping, now the middleweight champion seeking redemption, faced off against Henderson once more. But even with his previous loss, those who participated in the Bet UFC offered were truly in it for Bisping, making him the favorite.

And this time, he had proven himself to both fans and critics. Despite the intense anticipation surrounding the bout, it was Bisping who emerged victorious, securing a hard-fought unanimous decision win over Henderson in a closely contested matchup.

Mirko Cro Cop vs Wanderlei Silva

In Pride Fighting Championships' 2006 Open Weight Grand Prix, heavyweight legend Mirko Cro Cop faced off against middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva in a highly anticipated matchup.

The two exchanged heavy strikes throughout the fight until Cro Cop landed a head kick that sent Silva crashing to the canvas in one of the most violent knockouts ever seen in MMA. The entire arena erupted as Cro Cop became the first fighter to knock out Silva in over six years.

Edson Barboza vs Terry Etim

At UFC 142 in January 2012, Brazilian striker Edson Barboza faced off against British fighter Terry Etim in a lightweight bout. In the third round, Barboza unleashed a spinning wheel kick that landed flush on Etim's chin and sent him falling face-first to the mat. This KO earned Barboza the "Knockout of the Year" honors at the end of 2012. It also became one of UFC's most iconic and replayed knockouts.

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Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort

In their highly anticipated matchup at UFC 126, middleweight champion Anderson Silva faced off against former light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort. Both fighters were known for their striking abilities, but it was Silva who shocked the world with a front-kick knockout in the first round.

The strike landed perfectly on Belfort's chin and left him unconscious on the canvas, making it one of the most spectacular knockouts in MMA history. This victory solidified Silva's dominance as one of the greatest fighters in UFC history.

Francis Ngannou vs Alistair Overeem

In December 2017, heavyweight powerhouse Francis Ngannou faced off against former Strikeforce and K-1 champion Alistair Overeem at UFC 218. Both fighters were known for their knockout power, but Ngannou delivered one of the most brutal knockouts in MMA history.

Just over a minute into the first round, Ngannou landed an uppercut that sent Overeem flying through the air and crashing to the mat with such force that his head bounced off the canvas. The knockout earned Ngannou the "Knockout of the Year" honors and solidified his status as one of the most feared heavyweights in MMA.

Amanda Nunes vs Cris Cyborg

In December 2018, two dominant female champions, Amanda Nunes and Cris Cyborg, faced off in a highly anticipated super fight at UFC 232. Both fighters were known for their aggressive fighting styles and knockout power.

In just under a minute into the first round, Nunes unleashed a barrage of strikes that sent Cyborg stumbling across the cage. She then landed a perfectly timed right hand that knocked out Cyborg and earned her the title of "champion-champion" as she became the first woman to hold titles in two different weight classes simultaneously.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the many shocking knockouts in MMA history. They serve as a reminder that anything can happen in the unpredictable world of mixed martial arts, and no fighter is ever truly invincible. As fans, we continue to watch in awe and anticipation for the next amazing knockout that will shock us all. Let's stay tuned and keep supporting your favorite fighters because you never know when they will deliver a knockout that shocks the world.