Mississauga Boxing club Show coming right up


Mississauga boxing club host its first co-ed boxing event dec 14th

Mississauga boxing club host its first co-ed boxing event dec 14th

Getting ready for your first competition

Thanks to our club coaching staff ” Tommy Howat and Richard Lewis ” there’s been a drastic improvement in the skills of the entire team, but we arent stopping there.

Things are really about to pick up steam with the announcement our first Mississauga boxing club amatuer event.

Sanctioned by the  O.B.A (ontario boxing association) this event will be held december 14th our mississauga boxing club 

*** stay tuned for more exact details in the coming weeks

The real point of this post is to give everyone who is competing for the first time a heads up, and advance notice of a fact that is so often overlooked.

Going into your first match no matter how much you’ve technically prepared, unless you condition yourself right for the need of a real boxing match 

You wont feel ready!!!!

 Its always the same thing, even after miles of road work and skipping ….”Wow i felt really in shape going into the fight but gassed out and didn’t execute well”

Really it totally understandable if you think about it, there is a lot going on.

  • Everything from the actual match
  • The thoughts you have going into the match
  • Pre-fight gitters,
  • Pressure performing in front of a crowd and big one for most the adrenaline dump that you always have that first couple times a actual punch flies your way 🙂

The Fix

Being about 8 weeks out from the date of the competition I figure now is a good time to share some info about how to prepare right.

Pre fight nutrition – Making your fight weight and feeling well so you can perform up to your ability.

pre fight conditioning – “if i’ve learned anything in my years competing it’s that  just doing “More work” doesn’t always equal better results and often overtraining / focussing in the wrong areas can have you burnt out come fight time. Don’t Leave your best in the gym, Make it to fight day fit , healthy and ready to give your best.

The base strength and conditioning program – first off its important to note with this sort of training everyone is different and have strengths and weaknesses to address individually but given most of you just train martial arts + hit a gym every so often the base conditioning program will provide you some very solid gains and have you a lot fresher for your technical training sessions.. or you could of course run 10k every morning and punch with elastic bands around your arms because rocky did it in the movies 🙂

mississauga boxing doesn't advice you punch with bands

some people don’t feel complete without this silly idea but this guys getting his buddy in on it too so its a double waste of time 🙂


Nothing is worse than pulling up to a sparring session still feeling jacked up from the training session the evening before..

The keys it to not only train hard but also SMART


The Base conditioning routine

You Need Both Aerobic (with oxygen) & Anaerobic (without oxygen) Energy Systems To Win!

To compete well you’ll need to have both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning during a boxing match to supply the energy demand needed for success.

Remember that aerobic endurance is lower to moderate exercise for a longer period of time, it will keep your heart beating slower, stronger, and help to move oxygenated blood throughout your body.

Where as anaerobic endurance is using more explosive, fast twitch muscle. For a boxers and martial artist this type of endurance is vital, as boxers require 6 to 90 seconds of all-out, short burst of energy repeatedly in a fight.

Recovery from anaerobic exercise happens through aerobic system. Which is why all well trained boxers & martial artist focus on both energy producing systems…


Simple circuits for better cardio

I’m not going to give you a full endurance training program here, but this simple outline will cover some of the basic endurance exercises for the beginner that you can do to build your conditioning without feeling burnt out.

Here I’m going to focus on exercises that use  body movements similar to what you’d be doing during boxing training.

Aerobic training using 60-65% of your max hr (heart rate) for more than 30 min, 3-4 times a week:

  • Road work (start with 10 min, add 2 mins a day until you get to 30 min)
  • Swimming
  • Bike riding
  • Jump roping
  • Light sparring sparring 30-40% intesity
  • Pad work & Heavy bag work

Anaerobic training all-out effort for 15-30 secs. 1 mins – 90 seconds break between sets

  • Running (warm up 5 mins, 30 sec sprints, 20 sec rest, 6 reps, 3 sets
  • Airdyne bike (warm up 3 mins, 20 sec sprints, 30 sec slower pace but dont stop, 6 reps, 3 sets
  • Heavy bag (30 sec of all-out jab cross, 20 sec rest, 4 reps, 3 sets
  • pad sprints (30 seconds on of a  set punch combo, 20 sec rest, 4 reps, 3 sets

So there you have it. This endurance exercise training will get you on the right path to building your conditioning for the event.

To get a more personalized  conditioning program and the strength training portion of the program laid out for you catch me in the academy

or email me at