Mississauga Martial Arts Updates

Summer has officially arrived and the good weather has come along for the ride so we are asking all adults to break out the running shoes for the occasional outdoor warm-up / conditioning portion of the training .That being said we just wrapped up a very busy weekend at the academy.

Kids BJJ & Grappling Stripe Test

Fresh off the great performances at the 2019 Ontario Open event we’ve shifted focus to the stripe test.

core bjj students hard at work
The Massive growth in our Mississauga youth martial arts program  made the need for multiple level classes a very clear reality.

In all honesty it would be easier to group everyone together but that in no way helps the students so we’ve taken steps to implement even more training options for for all ages groups.

Our first step to doing this well is to help divide things a bit more clearly and highlight which classes would be best for each student, so we ran a white belt stripe evaluation this past weekend.

mississauga martial arts lineup


Open to all of our youth jiu-jitsu program white belts the test covered everything from Basic body language and manners to the Self Defense curriculum and on to more competition based techniques.

A great tool for parents, students and staff to all be sure we are on the same page at each belt level.
As a group the team did great and we are looking forward to releasing the results of the recent student belt test later this week.

Competition Team active in Buffalo

mississauga bjj kids tourney

Not to be out done  we also have several members competing this weekend in Niagara Falls. fresh of stellar performances at the Ontario grappling circuit event & 2019 Ontario open everyone is in great shape  did well, all bringing home medals from the event

Stay tuned for some big news regarding our next addition to our youth martial arts program in the coming weeks

Thanks see you on the