Mississauga MMA Weekend Wrap up

Okay, so daylight savings time change shift has us little bit behind schedule, but here we go. Wrapping up a very busy weekend in and around the academy.
Successful, to say the least.

Starting things off with the big and graduations to one of our most dedicated. And, Committed students in the academy Brazilian jiu-jitsu program. Stephanie sun on her taking a 

Stephanie Sun Bumps up a rank in BJJ

Stephanie Sun  bjj in mississauga










Saturday saw Stephanie made the long, awaited and much deserved jump to purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). Purple is very important rank because Especially here, if you get your purple, you're pretty much going to be a black belt at some point and now, just a matter of putting in some more time. Developing your own style, rounding out the edges and mastering the curriculum. Training here locally but a member of the highly decorated Caio Terra Association Steph is as tactical as it gets on tatami's even more impressive given her small stature, she really exemplifies jiu-jitsu perfectly. 

Results take a Team

Thanks to the entire team for making this possible the low ego and attitude approach everyone takes to their study of the art makes it fun, collaborative and a lot easier to learn. Looking forward to being a continued part of her BJJ evolution On and off the mat as both, a good practitioner. And even instructor. 

Deaglan Smalls put it all together in MMA @ Thicc Boy fight Club #3

Deaglan a more recent addition to the team went to the recent  amateur MMA event with Thicc Boy fight club and absolutely cleaned the floor with his opponent. Immediately putting together the strategy that he had been training and The working over the last couple of weeks.

Making use of  crisp Muay thai and striking skills and boxing footwork to manage the distance in the early part of the fight, once he got the opponents timing by the end of round 1 he spent the rest of the match putting on a takedown and grappling display that caught they eye of the commentators.  Great work Deaglan. He was more than ready and after watching the event, I don't think even got hit once  cleanly so great performance there. Putting the individual skills of the combat sports practiced, Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling  together in its entirety is the pinnacle of performance and really what at the core of things the MMA part of our Mississauga martial arts academy is really about. 

You don't have to fight or compete but if you should chose do so odds are you'll be ready in all ranges

Lets keep the momentum going !!!