The lines between sprt and sport entertainment get a little more blurry as November has fight fans enjoying a super  fight between Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal for the newly created “B.M.F title” fight at UFC 244 in NYC Maddison square gardens.

Just ask UFC president Dana White, who confirmed earlier this week that the “BMF” title will be revealed during fight week for UFC 244 this November. Of course, the winner of UFC 244’s main event between welterweights Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz will walk away with the new title. Presented by none other than Dwayne the Rock Johnson


Two of the very best battle tested, and octagon experienced, any real fight fan will tell you these guys both deserve the pay day that comes with this super fight.
I personally hope this fight ushers in the era of a 160-165lbs division as imo both of these guys as great as they are still face problems vs the full sized welterweights but carry this new division perfectly. Lets see how that goes but i hope someone at the UFC is thinking straight and uses this as a change to create the division everyone wants to see.

The Diary of a Street fighter Video Series Part 1

If you aren’t already watching his content , then this is your chance to get with the best in the game as South Florida MMA Videographer, Ghengis Con Films has also come out of retirement to shed some light on the pre-fight lead up for Masvidal’s side.