Yes the academy is up and running, everything is functional, but still not anywhere where near the level of setup the new space will to be once completed.

Compared to the finished product we have in mind you can safely say this is version 1.0.

We’ve got some great changes on the way Schedule, Program, and Facility-wise.

This week’s changes

1- We’ve got the final pieces of the boxing ring on route and should have that assembled in the next 7-10 days or so.

2- The morning Boxing club hours have been extended to include weekdays between

The time slot is run by Coach Leo Casey, a decorated trainer and head coach of national champion Kyle Leon.

As with all boxing trainers running programs out of the academy, your program is on a personalized and separate schedule, so times and costs of membership for the group are best directed to coach Leo.

You can contact Coach Leo directly @ at 416-831-9965 to get in on that action.

3- We’ve got new flooring for the Bag area and a series of Aqua bags on route to make for an even more complete set of training tools in your pursuit of boxing mastery.
“these feel great and give a totally different energy to your bag work”

mixign tools on the way


Speaking of cross-training … Yes the Trifecta fitness program will be back shortly. I’m just working on the academy setup and program modification before we add any more to the mix but promise it will be back and better than ever.

Fitness/cross-training, Competiton or Personal mastery of the craft we’ve got you covered