Mayweather vs Mcgregor | MMA vs Boxing in boxing rules?

mayweather vs mcgregor

Toronto has always been a hot bed of combat sports fans. During the MMA crazy of the early 2010’s this was one of the UFC primary markets in terms of attendance, media buzz and overall support.Take things back a few more years and we had some very big names in the sport of boxing/ kickboxing lennoxlewis, jersey long, Chris Johnson,Billy Irwin etc etc,

ufc toronto crowd

When it comes to scraps Toronto is no city of dummies and appreciate a good fight, up next is what could only be called a spectacle in that UFC champion Connor Mcgregor steps to the plate vs 49-0 boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

Boxing fans vs MMA fans vs Reality

Boxing fans say there is no way Connor can win even going so far as to say he won’t land a punch since many of the best boxers struggled repeatedly to do so vs Mayweather’s amazing defence and fight IQ.. there is little doubt the man is undefeated in boxing with good reason and in my opinion one of the best of all time.. Not really known for his ko ability since he has injured his hands in the past Mayweathers style calls for careful review to really appreciate how slick he is .. take a look below


MMA fans are buying into the advertised hype that Connor ‘breaks whatever he touches” as he has a few 1 punch ko’s in mma.. and he is a total x factor as Floyd has never seen his full boxing toolbox. given the element of suprise he may come out with something totally different and land that one shot needed to make history….???? 🙂

Imo this is wishful thinking at best and the reality in this case lies somewhere in the middle 

I’m not hater and come from what most would call and mma background , although I was smart enough to train each style separately boxing included. I’ve traveled and trained at some of north Americas best camps for boxing and mma and let me clear.

100 percent with no small print needed it is silly to compare the power and punching ability of a high level boxer with even the best MMA strikers in a strictly boxing match.

 Balance, stance, weight distribution, and cardio for these sports are totally different just because you can punch doesn’t make you a boxer

The odds of Mayweather who stood in front of Canelo Alvarez and picked him apart, falling prey to any mma striker in a boxing ring is super low.. anything is possible but i’m putting this one right beside running into Elvis at the local grocery store.

elvis mma sighting

Connor is a great fighter, done well for himself and changed the sport in the short time he has been in the  ….but isn’t even a top 10 boxer at the weight much less P4P contender. Were this an MMA match the roles would be 100 percent reversed Connor would walk right though him BUT this is not MMA its boxing and that being the case its Mayweather all day

Lets take a look a some highlights

People like to be entertained and this has people talking will generate big bucks and do both of these combat sports kings well into their mutual retirements.

Word is the press tour touches down in Toronto July 12th and has already sold out once causing a venue shift in the location they are holding it.

Boxing vs MMA all over again who would have thought. 🙂

boxing vs mma all over again