Budokon Movement & Yoga Classes start this 
Thursday 7pm to 8pm.

The Spring – Summer 2019 Fitness Menu

2 Metabolic performance based classes focused on
Speed- Strength – Power
1- Budokon Yoga and movement class focused on
Flexbility – Balance – Moving Better
The Perfect Combination

Instead of offering another just “go crazy” boot-camp class we’ve structured things to teach you, the How and more importantly the WHY behind the fitness people strive towards.

All things said the new conditioning program schedule is an easy way to look move and feel better than you have in years training on a schedule of just 3 days a week!!


The next two classes are Thursday 7pm & Saturday – 10am

Seeing as the programs totally unique and i am sure people have a lot of questions about it and how it’s different than say Yoga or animal patterns we’ve decided to offer a 4 weeks foundations course at no cost

Giving you a chance to see what all the buzz is about.

I personally know it is going to be a hit and have seen massive results in the mid-day students in the program so pumped to see things take launch in the evenings as well.

Like anything good, spots are limited you’ll have to  register via our contact form here —> reserve your spot here
No video of the Budokon classes here yet but here’s the a quick promo we put together of the Saturday metabolic training session.
See you in a bit

Team Elite