We’re going to get going with this thing and show you some unbelievable exercises to help your workouts

Now in the past, I think we’ve all gotten beyond the idea of body part specific workouts… We are talking about power; we are talking about strength. We’re talking about performance and bringing it from the core &having explosive movements everywhere it counts from the hips, shoulders, arms and legs.


Now the best way to talk about working out for general athleticism, general strength and power building is to be whole body, but that whole body can do a couple of things. It can pull things, and it can push things. So, going into the kettle bell and saying, okay, what can you give us for a total body pull and a total body push?

Mississauga kettle-bell complex


At a very basic level key exercise like the swing is where it all starts. once that and a variety of other key fundamentals are covered we dip into other complexes like the push press.

That push press is actually two movements. It’s your squat. That’s a push and then it’s a shoulder press. That’s a push as well. Combining those to show you how to link hips and shoulders. It’s probably one of the biggest problems facing most people looking to get outside of the box of the standard gym workouts.

kettlebell pushpress mississauga techniques


When athlete’s breakdown or when Joe public breaks down trying to be a weekend warrior, they are often strong in the arms, strong in the legs but with a major disconnect in terms of channeling that force and by Disconnect I mean they are not efficient, and since the body will find a way to get the job done working though this disconnect more often than not is what lead people to getting injured in sport / working out.

We will address this more when touching on the idea of neural loading but thats for a bit later.. lets first actually look at what these exercises i mentioned are supposed to look like.