Mississauga Bullyproofing 101 Workshop

Last week we released our latest anti-bullying video in anticipation of our next Bully Busters Seminar and wow – the response has been incredible! We wanted to take a second to thank you for this amazing feedback, but the sheer volume of responses has really reiterated how much we value these seminars and how helpful they are to the community.

Mississauga BJJ Bullyproofing Video Below

The Ugly Reality of Bullying today

By the time they are teenagers, 25% of children will have been bullied at school, and over 15% are bullied regularly.

Unfortunately, these numbers only increase when we factor in things like cyberbullying, which has become harder and harder to escape from for children. Victims of bullying can deal with lower self-confidence, increased anxiety, and other mental health conditions like depression.

The goal of our Mississauga martial arts academy is to have a proactive approach to bullying, if we can teach kids what a bully is and how people become bullies, we can stop it before it ever happens. Our first step is to identify what makes a bully a bully, why do people bully? Once you know where the danger is, it becomes easier to avoid it!

anti bullying is focus #1 in the workshop

The 3-Step Physical Bullyproofing Formula

During our amazing one-hour seminar you will watch your children’s self-esteem rise in real-time as they learn our simple three-step system to dealing with a Bully – Talk, Tell, and Tackle!

Working through the first 2 steps allows our students to practice confidently establishing their boundaries, standing up for themselves, and ending the bullying before it ever gets to step 3.

If the bully decides to get physical as always we try out best TO NOT  PUNCH OR KICK THEM, we use step 3 to take to the ground and establish control. The real purpose of our Bully Busting seminar to increase your child’s confidence – a confident child is not a victim in the eyes of a bully.

How do we gain confidence in anything???  ——–>>> By developing skills in that area.

How can we expect children to be confident or competent in handling these tough situations if they’ve never faced them before?

The beauty of our seminar is that it allows our students to become familiar with all types of bullying, what it looks like, how to prevent it and how to stop it if it does happen. By providing our youth with these skills today, we help to create leaders who are able to make an impact in their communities big or small.

Bully Buster Seminar is Saturday, January 28th
$10 per member – or bring a friend and its FREE!
Register via email —-> coach@mississaugaelite.com