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Muay thai test date change

With school back in full swing and the long weekend over we are quickly coming up and the date previously scheduled for the level 1 Muay Thai test. Given the recent downtime and the end of summer we have decided to reschedule the test until Saturday September 15th at...

Whats missing in MMA

 For me the Martial Arts are not just an activity.  Its a lifestyle.  Its not something I just do a few days a week or on the weekends.  Its a way I govern myself based on a personal standard that I set for myself in order to push myself to accomplish things that...

holiday hours

hi everyone .. just a quick heads up the elite is closed long weekend monday august 6th and back in business tuesday august 11th.for updates follow us on twitter @etcmartialarts
You are what you EAT

You are what you EAT

5 nutritional supplements you dont want to train without. New to training martial arts or not i’m sure you’ve heard the same I have about the new miracle supplement/food/pill that will guarantee you Lose 20lbs in 5 days or less!!!! Boost you power in the...