hi everyone.

with ufc 129 safely squared away and another win for myself and everyone at Elite training centre. I am happy to fill you all in on a few of the upcoming changes in and around the facility

1st… i am back in full action once fully healed up from the event and will be teaching 3 classes per week in addition to Frank running additional classes for for those of you looking to Grapple you will have the opportunity to do so 5 days per week now!!! The new classes will be a little different than our current BJJ and wrestling classes but a great addition to facility.. more news to come on that

2- with the weather getting better we will be now be adding 2 mma conditioning circuit sessions to the schedule.. Sledge hammer? Tire flip? agility ladder?? sled push?? box jump, tabata’s and more..

combat conditioning circuit coming up 🙂

3- by thing time next week out new website will be up detailing a lot of the great changes that have been made to Elite since the move in January to our new building keep an eye out for that next week

thanks everyone and see you soon