A huge night at elite Tuesday as we had the 1&2 stripe belt promotions in our Mississauga kids bjj program .

mississauga bjj kids promotion

We’ve seen a massive increase of students and parent participation since Coach Zarko took the lead on the youth program, Looking past the martial arts & fitness training the time taken to cover bully-proofing  skills + the equally important life skills that benefit the kids in school and life off the mats.

Though Well attended we were still missing quite a few students due for their belt promotion in the class but coaches will follow up with parents and students in the coming week accordingly.

Congrats again to everyone who made it out taking their first and in some cases 2nd steps on the road to martial arts mastery

belt ranking chart for mississauga BJJ

If you aren’t already in the program and want more info on the benefits of out Mississauga Kids BJJ program + the Amazing 30 day trial membership ———->>> click here


p.s big thanks to the assistant coaches these little guys take a lot of supervision so keeping a good student to coach ratio helps a lot