Quote a bit of info starting from the top down

1- Core Jiu-Jitsu program starts  this week

2- Busy Weeks ahead of Us | May 2nd kids open house – May 9th D1 Muay thai Gala

3- New weekend conditioning classes| Two  45 min sessions


Core Jiu-Jitsu finally hits the streets

After what could only be called much delay 🙂 the new Jiu-Jitsu program I have been working on begins this Wednesday 7pm.Core jiu-jitsu will cover the full spectrum of a fight from the jiu-jitsu perspective..
This wont affect our current Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes at all, or impact the overall schedule heavily as we are adding more classes, not making any big changes to existing ones.
The website www.bjjmississauga.com for this exclusive program is 90 percent done so pop over there and learn;

1-Why the topics covered in this program are the skills most prospective students are looking to learn for when they start out looking for a martial art to study

2-How to effectively attack and defend in all ranges of a fight regardless of what your current forte is
3-How to adjust your training for the street, sportive  or personal / hobby interest.. all three are very different don’t fall into the trap of thing you are covering all the bases when really focussing on grappling tournaments exclusively.
I have been talking about this for a long time and its  something very much needed as an option for people that want to learn a effective combat system without being boxed in by MMA or BJJ rules and training methods.
Jiu-Jitsu = A Gentle Art
Outside of adding another element to the academy, the long term goal behind Core Jiu-Jitsu  is to be a catalyst in reviving  this style of training in our area,  providing an option that makes sense for all ages and fitness levels looking to learn jiu-jitsu, not just the athletically inclined. 
The plan is slow and steady so for now, we will be covering the first 2 lessons over the next 4 weeks one special class per week format to gauge interest and them finalizing the multiple class weekly schedule in may after the muay thai event being held at the academy May 9th
4 week Core Jiu-Jitsu Intro class schedule

Wednesday April 15th 7pm

Monday April 20th 7pm

Monday April 27th 7pm

Monday May 4th 7pm

 Again here the website.. the first class is this  Wednesday. If you are beginner or curious about bjj/grappling/ground fighting now is the best time to get started
Busy weeks on the way
Summer is well on the way and the April /May event schedule is packed!!!! . Already on the schedule we have
Saturday may 2nd  – Matmen wrestling open house featuring a bbq and community training session open to everyone who is looking for something active to get their kids involved in. The staff  will be covering everything from Wrestling, karate to jiu-jitsu so a great chance to get he youngsters out for a great workout  and topping it all off with a bbq.
take a look at Jp’s sons first take-down attempt 🙂 he is certainly starting them young. 
We also have a return to competition for quite a few members as the BJJ team has the Ontario open in the coming week + amateur and professional mixed martial arts action in early may  +  Muay thai’s fights  may 9th at the academy
More info on the way regarding that this week once the poster is done.
New weekend schedule
Summer is here and with it a new season comes a new schedule … potentially
The choice is really yours but here is the plan
Rather than one 1 hour long Saturday conditioning class we would offering
Two 45 min sessions running
A)9:30-10:15,  B) 10:15am – 11am
It is hot in the summer and hard to keep that high level of intensity that delivers gains after 40-45 mins of a workout.
Rather than drag it out on a warm summers day i propose we  run two high intensity, topic based workout sessions giving you what you want in a lot less time.
its not totally 100 percent a go but this is weekend plan.. unless someone has a big reason why not then i think we will get it running for may 1st as well.
Proposed summer schedule
9:30am  Conditioning class 1
10:15am Conditioning class 2
11 am Muay thai
12 pm BJJ
9:30am – Mat rats kids wrestling
10:30 am – Mat men teens and adult wrestling
12pm- Kids martial arts
feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below or via email.