Last Saturday Morning we promoted several hardworking Mississauga martial arts students to the new ranks of yellow and orange belt, first and foremost we would like to offer a HUGE congratulations to those future black belt champions! The promotion candidates had to pass three separate preliminary tests as well as complete a one-paragraph report on the principles and values they learn about in class before they were considered eligible to test at our exam. Every one of our students was well prepared and passed with flying colors!

mississauga karat kids and belts
core karate belt promotions

The progress and development of our karate students have displayed been nothing short of amazing and truly a sight to see!

Students who came in shy on their first day are now walking around with their shoulders back and their heads held high! Our program has seen incredible growth over the past few months and our higher-ranked students have been setting an excellent example of character and responsibility for all of our new beginners.

As students continue to learn and grow along their journey to black belt, what is expected of them
will also change. As we become more mature and more comfortable in the martial arts, we begin to ask more of ourselves mentally, physically!

core karate kids testing

New class alert

To accommodate the growth of our students we are excited to announce our newest Orange Belt and up Class! This more advanced class will allow our experienced students to dive deeper into their curriculums to further their understanding of the martial arts through practicing kata, sparring, self-defense and so much more. At core karate, we understand the value of having strong leaders that LEAD BY EXAMPLE, and we believe all of our students have the capability to become leaders themselves. On Saturday Mornings, our karate class will be an all-levels mixed class to give our higher-ranked students a chance to practice those leadership qualities by training alongside our beginners. We are very excited about these new classes and cannot wait to see everyone on the mats!

Coach Rick
Core Karate & Kickboxing