Trifecta fitness training…

Swiss ball = Core training problem solved

ded bug swiss ball holds are massive for abs

Trifecta fitness classes have been picking up so we are always looking to add tools to the program but at the same time these kids have us on our toes in terms of having loose fitness equipment left around to be tampered with so we stashed the Swiss core training balls away’s for a bit..

I recently went back to dig them up and add them to the mix to expand on weekend fitness circuits, only to be meet with these sorry deflated excuses for the core training tools i know a good set can be. Really quite pathetic actually so the fix was pretty natural, next stop landmark athletics..

My go to source for cutting edge training equipment and they rarely come up short. This time delivering a great version of an already standout training tool.

Enter the Swiss ball

swiss ball makes for a great training tool

usually used for balance and ab training the Swiss ball when used right is a really versatile training tool. That being said No matter how new the balls were the issue you’d always run into was the aspect of them being a bit on slick side especially when you work up a sweat. I was really happy to see the manufacturer took our advice and fixed the problem with the new tread they’ve added to the design.

The current models i picked up for your training have at least 3x the grip of the old version & they totally take away any of those slip related problems you’ve probably run into in the past.

We have a fully packed week of martial arts action coming up with the upcoming BJJ event going down April 7th @ Grants mma training centre in north york + the striking classes picking up steam with coaches Ruben and Tyson.

All that being said the fitness revolution continues. Stacking up the skills and knowledge needed to make the best out of the metabolic workouts, Minus the Instagram inspired madness of-course 🙂


This weekend’s trifecta formula

Trx foundations + Turkish Get-ups for technique
adding the turkish getup to the core mix in trifecta

Circuits will add the Swiss ball core work in addition to the rest of the mix.

thanks and see you soon