Let me start by stating clearly i am on NO side in this debate and just a guy trying to get the best resutls from training .

that being said let me give you some background on the post that started it all

click the link below to take a look at Dan’s first post regarding his view of some problems with crossfit training for athletes

Dans blog

now clearly this caused a bit of a stir online among crossfit supporters and haters… and my friend Damian has this to say regarding Dan and his article


Damian Smektala This guy has the dangerous combination of being over opinionated and under educated about his subject matter. His old person/mma athelete example is analogous to saying the you need different training regimens to prepare a beer leagues hockey player versus a pro NHL athlete. Nonsense, only the intensity will vary, the philosophy, exercises, and core concepts will be the same. CF never claims to be a complete system for any sport, merely a great supplement to improve sport performance.
only way to settle it in a civilised fashion is a good old debate brought to you here 🙂
first up will be damian’s comments followed by ‘ stance on the topic.. now i dont have all week for this so im limiting my moderation to 4 posts each any more than that you guys do it on your own time 🙂