Week #2 In our Crunch-less Abs core development Series.

With the focus of July being “how to develop a strong core” last week we shot members of our email list  video #1 in our  “Re-education series”

Nothing crazy but starting from ground zero we hit on the point that a solid core pays off a lot more than just having a good looking six pack.  Sure wash-board abs look great but how to get them

“clean diet and the right training”  is a whole other issue we are talking about having strong functional core.

A well developed Core that really works, does two things very ..well..

#1 its protects your spine / back and surrounding musculature from injury  when you are in motion.


#2 It transfers and produces force in rotational motions



No matter what you are training it is important to remember research has shown that athletes with higher core stability have a way lower risk of injury  so a functional core is always a great thing to have.

All that being the case this weeks core focused drills introduce a few variations of the palloff press

There are so many variations of the movement you could do but our new trainee progression goes as below in video’s #1 & 2..
 Key technique points

1-Decent Level Squat – to activate the legs
2-Try to stay square the band will be pulling you back towards it
3-Tight core
4- Full extension on the arms on both variations
5- keep your head and shoulder facing forward on the rotation

 Video #1

Variation #2 + rotation

See you in a bit