Dead lifiting 101

The world’s top strength coaches make an argument that the dead lift is the single most important lift for an athlete to master to improve strength, power and metabolic functioning.

This is due to the fact that the dead lift effectively trains the hip extension musculature also called the posterior chain, namely the hamstrings, gluteus and lower back.These muscles are responsible for all your running , jumping punching and kick ability as all athletic movement begins and ends with the hips.


I’ve assessed hundreds of athletes, and those with weak hips or have an inability to perform the dead lift properly have a significant disadvantage to those who can.

Given how important a well developed posterior chain is our very first elite training centre Technical workshop will feature the details behind be able to work the muscle group right building to a safe progression that will improve your athletic performance.

womens dead lift benefits

The dead lift has many variations; variations usually chosen based on your goals. For example muay thai artist may prefer variations different than a soccer player but they are all still great.

Certain variations develop power and strength while others promote muscle gain and hormonal stimulation.

Regardless of the application, at the core of the dead lift is the hip hinge movement.

The topic behind workshop #1 is this very same hip hinge

elite training hip hinge

The hip hinge is all about moving from the hips without losing the neutral spine position.  This guarantees the muscles of the hips are doing the work and not the tendons of the low back.

If you ask most people to show you a dead-lift you will see a strange variation of a dead-lift + squat + various back movements so our focus on the hip hinge over the course of session 1 is meant to drill the key basics in so all your resistance training is all the most effective.

Elite technique session #1

Wednesday September 23rd 630-7pm

Gym B

Requirements- To participate you will need to bring your own broom stick (BYOB)

Stinger Muay Thai Workshop Friday

Kru Jovan returns Friday for  Invite only workshop

The mountain man direct form Thailand is back.. for his annual workshop series in the GTA. Visiting a spreading the latest technique and strategy being used in Thailand at the highest levels of real muay thai.


“Kru falang” as he is known holds the rare distinction of a rare westerner teaching Muay Thai to local Thai fighters competing in the big shows such as Lumpini stadium and the other major Thai stadiums.

Long and short  Jovan is a great friend of elite training centre and terrific resource for the real up to date muay thai technique you just wont find here since we don’t have 100 full rules fights per day taking place like they do in thailand.

The original plan was to have him cover  only clinch specific topics but after meeting to go over the subject being covered I realized how much the guys has to offer and we have decided are going to just have and advanced content workshop.

All 8 tools of muay thai but covering the high level tactical and crafty ways of using them.

The cost of this workshop is being covered by the staff of elite training centre for students and friends of the academy (but by invite only so if you haven’t been approached and operate at a pretty high level of skill speak to Either KRU DJ or Coach Patrick to see if your participation is a possibility.

Kru Jovan Advanced Muay Thai Tactics Workshop

Friday Sept 18th 6:30-8pm

Bring all your gear and come early to do your own warm-up