Dec 14 mississauga boxing event

With 2013  in winding down pretty quickly  before you know it we will be looking at 2014, but before we get that far 2013 still a lot of action in store for us

First off December 14th we are hosting our very first Amatuer boxing event and finishing off the year that same week with  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt promotions.

More on the BJJ belt promotions later but for now we have the details of the boxing event below.

Mississauga boxing clubs first event to be hosted dec 14th

Mississauga boxing clubs first event to be hosted december 14th

All the details are on the poster above but the long and short of it is with this debut event we will be hosting boxers from around the province and also supporting the

debut of several athletes working with  Elite training centre boxing coaches Tommy howat and Richard Lewis.

You can check who is competing at the academy via the sign up sheet but for sure book the time off to come and support your teammates and the other athletes making

this great event a possibility.

For more info visit or call Royal-tee promotions 647-765-3704