OneFC 167 | International MMA Star Denis Puric vs Rodtang

One 167 | Denis puric is one step away from turning Muay thai dreams into reality

Denis Puric has turned his dreams into reality. For years, he’s been calling out Rodtang Jitmuangnon, saying, "I want Rodtang." Many doubted him, thinking it was impossible. "You’re from Hamilton," they said. "You can’t make it." They laughed at the idea of him facing such a renowned fighter. But Denis proved them wrong.

Muay Thai all the way to  MMA |Overcoming Challenges and Proving Himself

Denis left his comfort zone and ventured to China for a few years, racking up numerous wins. During that time, I spoke with him often. He was fighting all around the world, taking on matches in places like Russia. Imagine the challenges – going to Russia, being told you’re fighting one opponent and ending up facing another. The weight classes were often ridiculous, if they even existed. It was a complete setup, but Denis thrived. He fought well, showcasing his skills in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. No matter the discipline, Denis is a natural fighter and athlete. Spending years surrounded by the best in combat sports training with experts like the team at banchamek gym, house of champions mma and a variety of camps in China this elite level of competition is nothing new to hm.

A Champion Proven in Multiple Disciplines

More than just MMA & Muay thai 

A little-known fact: Denis is a national Taekwondo champion. Some may underestimate Taekwondo, but consider the millions of participants worldwide. Excelling to the top of such a popular sport speaks volumes about his attributes as a combat athlete – his gameness, mentality, bravery, conditioning, and pain tolerance. You don’t reach the pinnacle of a sport with millions of competitors if you’re just average. This is why Denis has excelled so quickly in mixed martial arts and gone as far as he has in Muay Thai and kickboxing.

From Local Shows to One Fighting Championship

From fighting on reservations and local shows a few years ago to now facing the top fighter in the lighter weight classes at One Fighting Championship, Rodtang, Denis's journey is inspiring. To some, it might seem like just another fight, but having followed his career closely, I know he can do it. I heard Denis say in an interview, "If Rodtang drops his hands with me, it won't be pretty." And that’s a fact. You can’t afford to drop your hands against Denis. He has the power to knock out anyone in his weight class with a clean shot.

Final Thoughts and Support

So, a word of advice to Rodtang – drop your hands at your own risk. I’ll be watching this fight live, staying up late to see it. Denis, everyone is behind you. Go out there and do your thing. 100%.

Claude Patrick
Mississauga Elite Muay thai