Elite bucks referral program

We all have different reasons for going to the gym, different goals in mind ect. But one thing that’s always the same is the structured and personalised attention our coaches give every members when they come through the door and join any of our martial arts and fitness programs.

As a big thank you to current members for referring friends/family who also join the Elite training centre we have introduce the elite bucks program.

For every friend or family members you refer you can receive

1 new member=  $80 dollar facility/pro shop credit or 2 private lessons
3 new members = $200 dollar facility/ pro shop credit or 4 private lessons
5+ new members = $350 dollar facility/ pro shop credit or 6 private lessons

Talk about covering a few bases at the same time…

this new program allows you to share the benefits of quality training with your friends/family and at the same time put Elite bucks towards free months on your own membership, get new gear from the pro shop and best of all get FREE 1 on 1 training time with any of our instructors.

Dynamic Strength And Conditioning adds outdoor work.

Summer is on the way and with the warmer weather we expand our Strength & conditioning classes to include work outside the facility like shuttle runs, sprints,tabatata circuits and other interval work.

That being the case it is a good idea for everyone to bring running shoes suitable for outdoor wear to conditioning class for the warm-up portion of class until the end of summer.

Striking fundamentals test

This Friday march 30Th is the date for our first striking/muay Thai fundamentals test, the evaluation will be held in the Main training room and regularly scheduled classes being held at the same time in the Mat Room, members doing the test should have already registered and spoken with the coaches to confirm attendance for Fridays test.

If you planned on attending and haven’t registered yet please do so by email below to register


Midday training sessions

Some members have expressed interest in midday classes so we are looking to get a bit more feedback about possible attendance for lunch hour sessions if you would be interested in lunch hour  fitness / martial arts sessions please comment below and if we get a large enough positive response the mid-day classes are a definite possibility in the coming weeks


Our Youtube.com channel is up and running we will be adding behind the scenes footage of training, drills and lessons from in and around the facility. To keep up to date on the latest subscribe to mississaugaelitetv by  clicking here and going to SUBSCRIBE

Train hard and train smart

Team Elite