Hi everyone

With the holidays season upon us its time to lay out the hours of operation for classes

the holiday hours of operation will be

friday dec 23rd regular class times

saturday dec 24th closed

sunday dec 25th closed

monday dec 26th closed

tuesday dec 27th regular class times

wednesday dec 28th regular class times

thursday dec 29th regular class times

friday dec 30th regular class time

saturday dec 31st closed

sunday january 1st

monday january 2nd closed

tuesday january 3rd back to regular schedule

New training area

No pics for you quite yet but the 2nd training area is almost operational so the 7 dragons  martial arts class schedule will be expanding.

We also have returned to our regular schedule for very popular grappling fundamentals program.

putting the choke to work at ufc #140

Grappling fundamental is a class taught by UFC competitor Claude Patrick,  focusing on the movements strategies and tactics needed to be competent on the ground in a grappling situation. While not a “mixed martial arts” class class per say  the techniques taught reflect the often overlooked possibility that while grappling there’s often the possibility of being punched in the face, picked up and slammed ect.

So while not a sport Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or wrestling class this class does implement many of the most effective techniques taken from a variety of grappling styles so a great place to start your training and learn the basics of how to effectively navigate the ground in a combat situation.

grappling fundamentals will be held in the new training area inside elite training centre @

1557 sedlescomb drive mississauga ontario. ( just 2 minutes from the dixie and dundas intersection.)