A simple and effective formula

 So, answer to the big question… how are they doing that???

There’s a gym on every corner of the city at this point, mixed martial arts fitness, karate, cross–fit, this one, that one, extreme training, kettle bells, you could go anywhere and get a workout. You could even stay home, you got the Insanity workout.

What I always tell everyone is if you just wanted to get in shape and fitness was your only concern, I can give you a couple of quick exercises you could do at home and not spend a dollar. You can get in pretty good shape just running up the hill doing a couple of burpees, some exercises for your core and some flexibility training, that will be great.

If it were only that simple

The problem is there is no learning curve, there’s no growth cycle so people are going to not to get burnt out and bored in any style of physical training. We see it all the time they get burned out and you end up looking for the next “flashy object” kind of like a fish in the water, you know?

You bite the hook; the shiny object is what hooks you but then it ends up being bad news:)

chassing shiney objects

At Elite Training Center as soon as we opened one of the guiding principles of the facility that sets up apart and makes us different is out setup. I am not saying that just to try to buck the trend but do what we know actually works.

I’ve trained worldwide in prep for my MMA fights, seen a lot of really good trainers, I’ve seen a lot of really bad trainers and that being the case you travel all these gyms, different parts of the world you’re going to see things  that are working, things are not working as well.

By keeping an open mind and listening to those more knowledgeable it made it pretty easy for us to come up with the basic framework for success in fitness and martial arts training.

So the big thing, the Elite Training Center difference what gets our members these amazing results in such a fast time and at the same time keeps people engaged in the training and coming back for more is

Three streams of training.- The Training Tri-fecta

What I mean by that is our three general streams,

Fitness- Learning the arts – Competition 

three different goals 3 different approaches to deliver results

If you’re just starting out in our Mississauga martial arts academy and know 100 percent you want to get in shape and that is your main interest, there’s no reason for you to being there slugging it out with some professional MMA fighter Rocky Balboa wannabe, it doesn’t make any sense.

“You can get fit without Getting Hit”

bonnie mississauga muay thai kickboxing

In other  cases people are turned off by the strict adherence to martial arts cultural traditions that they want nothing to do with. And are just looking for a solid workout without ending up doing a whole bunch of extraneous things.

How did I end up counting in foreign languages and bowing to Buddha statues when I just wanted to get in better shape??

bowing to buddha

So, what we have instead of the mishmash of training  is a specifically fitness program, I don’t have an exact name for it yet, Dynamic Conditioning, Dynamic Strength and Training, it’s been growing daily getting great results using a bunch of different tools.

We have got the TRX, Kettle bells, slam balls, medicine balls, Swiss balls and Olympic lifting platforms + a bunch of other unique tools put together to make great workouts happen in a fraction of the time most people assume. We never lose site of the fact its about more that just throwing up big numbers on the weights and training should actually make your overall lifestyle BETTER.

So we focus on things often overlooked like mobility, flexibility and endurance. All points we touch on to build the important aspects of fitness that pay off in enhancing you lifestyle overall.

Having big numbers on the bench press is nice and fun but when you are 50+ and you can’t touch your toes or should I say when you’re 50 like many of our members and  you can still touch your toes + put in a solid hour of training a few time a week you’ll be really appreciate the approach take to our fitness training


Phase 2- Learning the arts as arts

Martial arts

Our next phase is our martial arts training and this is what most people know us for, the actual martial arts. With that, you come in and you are learning martial arts so while  you will be getting in better shape training in our classes Fitness is not your primary focus.

So what I mean by that is when you come in for the martial arts classes whether it be Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, whatever we’re offering under mixed martial arts, you’re not in there doing 400,000 push-ups or 2,000 sit-ups because again that’s not why you came.

mississauga martial arts no aeroics

our martial arts program are all focussed on skill development so while john is have a blast here in his aerobics class he probably wouldn’t dig our muay thai or bjj classes so much

If you wanted to get specifically in better shape we take the time, take the hour, and we have class specifically for you. (please see above)

As a student in any of our martial arts programs you focus on bettering yourself in the art  for that hour, of course you’re going to get in better shape doing it. It’s all physically taxing but that hour, the focus, is on building your skills. That’s why you’re here, that’s why you’re paying the membership, and skills are what you came to learn + what we specialize in teaching.



All of our classes are skill – based with the scalable lesson plan, so you start from ground zero, build your skills up as you go along, you continuously add to your toolbox and that is what really keeps people engaged in the training and coming back for more. You cannot compare that to lifting weights simply because lifting weights is a supplement for the skill sets you are going to be building here.

jess taking the back in bjj class

I am not knocking anyone else‘s hobby but for me the way I am wired. I love intricacy of martial arts, it’s been a big part of my life and obviously, it is for yours too if you are still reading this blog post.

So we separate this section fro the fights and fighting and wont have you doing endless burpess and other exercise related drills when you can to reach a higher level of skill.

Ccompetitive training

mississauga muay thai in action

Our third and probably most elusive stream is competition. It’s not something everyone has to do and I think that’s a big mistake. A lot of people think that when you come to a facility especially ours a lot of people assume, “Hey, Claude Patrick’s gym the Elite Training Center I am going have to fight a bunch of tough guys there, a bunch of goons ill really have to be ready to fight!!” And that’s totally not what it is, we are the exact opposite of that facility as based on fitness, based on training, and the only person you are competing against is yourself.

I tell people all the time “the only person you have to be better than today is yourself from yesterday.”

In this department as a competitor you have a separate stream of training, and we train/build your skills a little differently than the other people.


Obviously, if you’re going to be going head to head with other high level athletes, you’re training has to take a different focus in terms of direction,  intensity, and frequency.  And as a competitor you are likely going to have to put it together on all front fitness + martial arts to be successful.

Extra work aside it is still a very popular option training wise at elite and one of the things we specialize in for members with the right work ethic and discipline to do the work that is needed.

So we recognize that and again it goes without saying we know the person that happens to be an accountant and training 2-3x per week is is not looking to go the UFC nor do we train them that way, but as a competitor if you really want to take it all the way we are the only facility in the general area with a track record and know how to help you do so.

core bjj team picking up the medals once again

So, this is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack and people are starting to realize that the results are showing in terms of competition wise. We’ve done really well across the broad and the next step is to  scale things up even higher, expand all the programs and give more offerings to everyone in each of these departments.

But at the same time we’re going to continue with the formula that has been working, keep the crossover to a bare minimum.

With 2016 around the corner Our goal is to keep delivering the solid results we have on every department offered.