quick update on the tshirts and some great video this update.. read below to see whats what…

1-Elite training centre shirts in stock

2-Muay thai push kick master (diesel noi) in action

3- step 2 in the half guard education

The long awaited elite training centre club shirts are now back in stock.. you know how these things fly so get yours while you can 🙂

we have em in all sizes in black,green and white

Elite  training centre club shirts are back in stock

2- Ran across some very rare.. footage that someone placed on the ever handy youtube

Diesel Noi is considered one of muay thai’s very best fighters  .. i’m talking elite in his and any recent generation.

With good reason.. best known for his legendary clinch/knee and push kick technique the man took on all opponents had a great record and applied his strategy in every match… check him out and let me know what you think.

now the man in action vs a pretty good kickboxer that took place some time in the late 1980/ early 1990’s clinch work at its very best….  makes for a pretty one sided match in this case


so we dealt with jeff’s half guard fairly recently giving the unsuspecting local Jiu-Jitsu victims a counter they can use to shut things down. but on a more conceptual level there are a few points that need to be addressed as the person in the top and bottom position.

you posture and  body position will vary depending on your objective in the position ie passing,submissions or sweeping or taking the back from the bottom but a few basic rules apply

a- As the bottom man try to keep your back off the mat ie stay on your side.. there are exceptions to this rule but  in general try to avoid it

b- Do your best to keep inside control don’t let them wrap your head as it sets up that top man  shoulder pressure pass easily and makes life very tough for the man on bottom.

later later this week i will have footage detailing with hand and body positions but for now keep these lil tips in mind while rolling