Change of plans | Saturday’s open house now FREE

So I was making breakfast Sunday morning when it dawned on me… “why on earth am I charging people to come in and see what it is we do at elite training centre?”

This makes NO sense. 

Already just due to the nature of the industry, people make the mistake of associating us with local MMA gyms which we actually share nothing in common with.

What they are doing we are not doing, The culture, training , vibe and focus things here at Elite is totally different and this open house is meant to help show people that.




We have Flipped the script. Here’s the new plan..

Entry is now Totally FREE

World class BBQ / jerk chicken  + other food and refreshments still on deck

Promotional MMA/BJJ gear give away’s courtesy of our sponsors being done through the day


The sneak peak at our new morning/mid-day semi personal fitness training program (starting June 1st)


 This Semi private training program is 8 months in the making and its ready to launch. Of-course we will have more info for you this week but for now put the word out on the FREE open house and we look forward to seeing you all there Saturday.


Coach Patrick