hi everyone,

As previously stated.. I am now back on the scene and putting as much dedication into making your training experience at Elite even better than ever.

New conditioning classes,

We will be adding new conditioning circuit classes to the schedule in the next 2 weeks. Much shorter and more intense than a 1 hour session these 20 min burnout session (Yes that right only 20 minutes!!!) will be making use of a many of the tools fighters and performance athletes use that the standard fitness gyms and personal trainers are not quite hip to yet.

members interested will need to register with Kelly at the front desk for the orientation session..  its important we use the tools properly to get the best results.

Muay thai level 1 test

With a solid few months of training under many of our new members belts Kru DJ  in in the process of ironing out the date of the next level 1 muay thai test but it will be close in date to the upcoming grappling test.

phase 1 grappling test

Its been some time since the last phase 1 grappling test and  with the level of technique i have seen in class this week its  another grading is clearly overdue.   As of  may 16th the level 1 technique sylabus will be posted in the academy for everyone in the grappling program to review in addition to thier printed / emailed copy of it. If you are a member and do not have a copy of it please email me at claudepatrick@gmail.com  for your copy.

the next test will be held in early june.  Between cornering our athletes in upcoming events and finalizing my summer  mma seminar schedule i don’t have the date quite yet set but will post it shortly so train smart and make sure you cover all the requirements folks.



the long awaited legalization of mixed martial arts in Ontario has produced some incredible results such as this epic picture 🙂

post fight ufc 129 walkout..

YES people we do now officially have MMA in ontario 🙂 I am very happy to have done my part and represented the gym well bringing home the win vs the much hyped Daniel roberts of the ceaser gracie fight team.

So my part for now is done which brings up to the team at elite.. up next for mma we have long time elite  member James “mad dog” Edwardsand bjj coach Frank “the tank” Marques about to spring into action shortly.. with frank competing this week in Winnipeg and james june 10th in edmonton’s aggression mma event.  lets try to be good training partners for theses guys help them get the job done and taking the fist steps in their competitive careers.