2021 Fall Membership Blockbuster


Plug into martial arts and fitness results you want our 2021 membership blockbuster


The Headstart program takes the guess work out of getting started

” Ok so you’ve taken the first steps done your basic research ,reviewed our website and maybe even called / emailed  but still not quite sure where to get started ??

With so many choices its easy to be frozen by indecision so we made things really easy for you with our Fundamentals programs.

Our martial arts and fitness fundamentals programs is Fun, Challenging and designed to help keep you motivated, accountable and steadily moving toward your goals.

You could, do like many others & train every style your membership gives you access to. But then you’d just be learning a little bit of everything and missing the benefits our unique programs bring to the table.

Instead of just mixing and matching ,with the Headstart program you’ll build a solid base in both fitness and technical departments and even have a chance to work with your instructors to on any problem areas.

With over 20 year sharing the benefits of martial art with students of all ages we’ve seen it all and have the system to get you the results you want. 


womens boxing in mississauga

Dynamic Fitness Training

Our programs are taught in a simple easy to follow way, no magic or guess work here. Making it easy for you to get in the flow and see real results even in your first few weeks of training.

core bjj kids line up building focus

Skill based martial arts training

Build a solid base, work with us and find your areas of strength and build the skills used to produce results for life in all of your martial arts and fitness training.

Dedicated Coaching

Every person matters – when following our structured programs it’s next to impossible that you get lost in the shuffle, or end-up another new years “resolutioner” member that fails to.

What Are You Waiting For?

Our Fall membership blowout gives you a FREE opportunity to try our headstart program and experience the benefits of our
Award winning training systems

Text 416-910-6175 to get started free today

At Elite you’ll learn new skills and and actually enjoy getting in the best shape of your life

Every time you step in our Mississauga Martial arts and Fitness centre you open the door to a long list of positive benefits.

  • Weight loss and functional muscle gain – develop an athletic and toned body as opposed to the bulky, bodybuilder look
  • Improved balance, co-ordination and agility – through consistent training with us you’ll soon be light on your feet and feel quick and agile
  • Cardiovascular fitness – your heart and lungs will get a great workout, keeping you fit and healthy by helping to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Increased self-confidence – you’ll not only feel better about yourself, you’ll also develop the ability to defend yourself and loved ones should the situation arise
  • Massive stress relief – there’s nothing like physical activity to help you relieve stress, especially if it involves punching or kicking a bag
  • Making new friends – one of the biggest benefits our members talk about is the lifelong friendships they make with other like-minded students at our club

Register for our free Quick-start program to get started and as a special bonus you’ll also receive:

 20% percent off memberships plus

1 Headstart Session In this session we’ll discuss your goals, tell you what to expect when you start training and direct you to the appropriate classes to get started ($30 value)

2 FREE Classes You’ll attend 2 classes recommended to you by our experienced instructors to get you started on the path to achieving your goals and to see if our club is right for you ($60 value)

3 free guest passes – For friends and family so you can share the gift of better health and fitness ($120 value)

3 easy steps to Getting started 

1- Text us your name & email  —> 416-910-6175


2-  Let us know what program you’d like to try

3- Wait for our return call within the next 2 hours


Thanks Talk soon 
Coach Patrick
Elite training centre