Hi everyone

Hope all is well, just following up on yesterday email . While you probably cant tell due to the amazing weather we are getting right now but… Summer 2023 is officially behind us.

Kids are back in school and peace has returned to the Kingdom 🙂


But this also gives us the greenlight to layout the Academies plans for last quarter of the year.

Always looking to provide a better experience for members in all of our programs so we have some great updates below take a look at the section that interest you most

Expanding Our Youth Programs: More Kids Karate and BJJ Classes

Due to an amazing growth in our kids’ karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs, we’ve expanded our offerings with additional classes. With a new karate black belt sensei on board and a freshly minted Friday schedule, this is an excellent opportunity for our existing student base to further develop their martial arts skills.

Let’s not forget the undeniable fitness benefits that naturally go along with the training

 We’ve Heard You & Launching 7pm Adult Classes

Members have been requesting we push the adult class start times back to 7pm for a long time now with the new staff coverage the we are finally able to do so. With winter on the horizon and just everyday traffic we understand that getting in for 6pm can be a problem for many so there you have it. 

New Schedule will be in effectt  October 1st 2023

Upcoming Youth and Adults Fall Schedules Attached

Youth Schedule

Adult Schedule



Core BJJ On-Ramp : Best place to get started if you are new to the art

If you’re completely new to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, our Core BJJ On-Ramp Program is for you. Designed to offer traditional, organic teaching of foundational movements and reactions, this program operates on a rotating curriculum. So you can start ay any time with no worries about missing previous lessons. 

beginners classes @ core bjj mississauga

This program is the best place to the basics and adjust to operating on the mat from a self defense perspective before deciding which way you’ll take your further practice of the art. Classes will be running at the same time as the Core Jiu-jitsu fundamentals @ 7pm weekdays 

Trifecta Fitness Classes: Way Beyond cardio boxing

After a successful summer trial run, our Trifecta Fitness Classes at 10 a.m. on Saturdays have officially become a hit. The issue we face now is how best to expand.

The feedback on the actual training sessions has been excellent. Initially designed as a training option for parents waiting for their children, just seven weeks later, we’ve built a solid core group of members with a strong base in both fitness and skill.

We’re definitely scaling it up, but timing is the issue. Since this is all about you, the member, we won’t just guess the best time for expansion. We’ll be releasing a survey later this week to identify the most popular time slots, and we’ll take it from there.

tools of the trade for mma training in mississauga



Special Guest Judo Program: Taking the Gentle approach


We’re excited to announce that Sensei Colin, formerly of Shinbukan Dojo, will be sharing his expertise with us on select Sundays. While this isn’t a full-time program, it’s a unique opportunity for anyone keen to delve into the intricacies of Judo without the full-contact rigor often associated with the art.

Here’s what you need to know: The schedule will be released one month in advance, and members can check availability with our front desk. This technique-centric class is designed for those who may be concerned about injuries but still want to understand the full scope of grappling arts.

Judo, often considered a cousin to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is a beautiful but challenging martial art. Our goal is to remove the “rough and tumble” without losing the essence. This makes it a perfect supplement for those practicing BJJ in the gi and offers a well-rounded grappling skill set in a safe, controlled environment.



Boxing: Taking things up a notch

The numbers speak for themselves—our boxing program has seen tremendous growth, and we’re thrilled to see so many passionate students. But boxing isn’t a one-size-fits-all sport; it has multiple facets and avenues for exploration. For those of you with a competitive streak, we’ve developed a specialized track.

best boxing shoes

Partnering with Boxing Ontario, our amatuer boxing program goes beyond the traditional class structure. Taking a more individualized training approach to suit your training goals. Under the mentorship of Coach Josh, you’ll get specialized pad work, conditioning drills, and even the chance to participate in club shows and official competitions. Whether you’re aiming for the ring or just want to enhance your skill set, this program offers the flexibility and expertise you need.


We’re incredibly excited about these changes and look forward to seeing both new and returning faces at the academy. For the complete schedule and any further details, please check the attachments or feel free to contact us directly.