Do intervals for a leaner build

Try our programs & intervals for a leaner build

Hi everyone first off  a quick heads up, with the warmer part of the year quickly approaching please try to bring running shoes for outdoor warmups and sprint work as part of the  Muay thai , boxing & Dynamic Strength and conditioning classes.

Now direct from the Elite training centre treasure chest... the simple interval training system that will cut your  workouts & body fat levels in record time. 

Whether for Martial arts or your general fitness.. high intensity interval training is king when it comes to burning calories and kicking you matabolism in high gear for hours after your workout.. Forget the 45 mins of low intensity cardio and give Tabata a shot.

This simple & effective protocol anyone can follow with a variety of excersises is called the

The Tabata protocol – Real cardio for fat loss

Give it a shot…..For example, sprint 20 seconds, then rest (walk) 10 seconds, and continue until you have completed 8 x 20 second sprints. Always begin with a moderate warm-up and cool down session since you will be going at a pretty high Intesity once the circuit begins. We like to do 3 rounds so total of 15 minutes of actual work.

Here’s a quick indoor friendly circuit that will whip you into top shape quick

  • Jump Rope (sprint in place)
  • running outdoors or on a treadmills at incline
  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • punching or kicking a bag
  • Medicine ball slams (or medball swings)

As a good start try to have your working consist of separate Tabata intervals, each consisting of 4 minutes. The total workout will last 16 minutes.

That’s it folks not countless hours on a treadmill but just over 15 mins of work followed by a 4-5 min cool down and your cardio for the day is  done…

Don’t fall for the heard mentality of jumping in a “cardio class” or lifting weights aimlessly 3-4 times per week at the local gym, give this program a try in addition to what we already have you doing in class and that is all you will need to look and feel your very best heading into the summer months.

Thanks for you time and see you in class

Coach Patrick,