New strength & conditioning format on the way

Running last weeks survey about martial arts & fitness programs ended up being a really good idea. It gave us some really good feedback as to what people were looking more of in their training, area’s we could improve to boost the overall experience at the academy and even a few pretty solid ideas that we hadn’t thought of at all.


All That being said “success love’s speed” so implementing the positive suggestions that we can now is far better than sitting around thinking about it 🙂 . The first immediate shift will be the change of the dynamic strength & conditioning program .

Boot-camp vs focused training 

Lots of people love the mixed boot camp  style workouts so we will be keeping them on the schedule weekend but making a change during the week. In terms of general fitness boot-camps I see the use for them but at the same time totall get why most athletes involved in other sport go the other more focused physical training.
With a set amount of time available to work on supplementary skills in the weight room i’d probably want to be working on things that better my primary sport vs random exercises.
Even in the case of members new to training coming from the general population its soo much better to cater your training towards you specific needs than just start tossing things around for the sake of it.
“For example.. If you can barely bend past waist level is how much is a bench press or kettle bell swing going to help things? :)”
Our goal is to to identify challenges, educate and implement programs that train members in ways that make them look move and perform better .  We start off with  basic GPP (general physical preparation) as we recognise some things will be new to you.
mississauga fitness training
No worries though after a week or two of GPP the plan is to run the general assessments and deliver the programs a needed. The great part about this is its meant to supplement what you are doing training wise so a muay thai / s&c or BJJ + S&C ) session for the day wouldn’t run you very long at all time wise most of these workouts would range approx 45 min given you’ll be doing a lot of different types of cardio system work in the classes.
Just getting the word out this week but the new program starts next week & mixed conditioning classes will still run saturday am @ 10am with coach miller
See you this week