Fitness vs fashion shopping habits

Move over ladies my new-found fitness equipment shopping addition is Legit and going strong…

mississauga elite shopping addiction

“If i make an appearance on one of those tv shows for people with a problem just remember it all started out for a good cause”

Elite training centre’s Strength and conditioning program

Summer is officially on, and the class has been making great use of the tools we have already in stuck plus the unlimited options out-door training brings. That aside the  Fitness gear shop-a-holic in me took over this week and delivered a few new treats to the academy, guaranteed to take the conditioning class workouts to an even higher level

new additions to the tool box for our popular conditioning class

Coming to conditioning class this week is the  only one way to find out what within these boxes 🙂

Plus you’ll get a “gut busting” workout putting you one step closer to that summer shape everyone is looking to be in.

(on a crazy side note one of my training partners who was already a big guy went to Georgia for 2 months and came back 50lbs heavier!!!! what type of eating was this man doing??? Summer shape up on the way )


disregard the tire, Didn’t think to move it before snapping the photo, and the open house / BBQ  date has been changed to June 15th but more info on that to come this weekend.