Traditionally things tend to slow down a little bit for me schedule wise around the academy in the month of  December with everyone shopping and planning to take over the world in the new year.

I totally get it, in the past no one was more in this mode than me.. just going through the motions in December planning for a fresh 2018.. but no, Not this time.

Instead of counting out the rest of the month iwe have got a few new things on the go to end the year on a high note

1.This weeks debut of the Core Jiu-Jitsu program

2.  30% off on all holiday gift cards for 1 + 3 month memberships

3. Saturday 10 am Kettle-bell and mobility boot-camps 



I’m super excited to announce Tuesday 6pm marks the first ever 100 percent core jiu-jitsu session at elite.
Ive tried over 5 times to write about what exactly what this is but its just not going to work and i end up going all over the place with my ideas.

Instead lets give this a try via this voice recording you can listen to here or even better attend the class this Tuesday and check it out for yourself, my complete body of work to date as a martial artist taught through the lense of a jiujitsu practitioner.

This is not an mma class but this fight direct from my vault is a good example of the me executing the Jiu-jitsu  playbook to a tee.

1- control the distance
2- distract him with feigns
3- close the distance
4-submit him without doing any serious damage 

Even if you have tried bjj/grappling before and found it lacking give this a shot and promise it will be an eye opener.
Learning Jiu-jitsu from the angle of a complete martial art is something that is totally overlooked in most academies and this is the start of a what I can only call a shift that will open the art to the masses of people who can most benefit from it.

Still confused?? Click here to listen to whats coming next

Beyond a BJJ tournament or a MMA fight…..  Jiu-Jitsu ” The Complete Art”
Tuesday @ 6pm 

30% off sale on Holiday Gift Cards 

Even if you know for certain your friends and loved ones are crazy about the training we offer i totally understand why you maybe on the fence about buying them any type of long terms membership.  

So with this years run of the always popular gift cards we’ve decided to to something a little different and “meet you part of the way” so to speak by giving big discounts on gift cards bought until dec 29th 2017

The 2017 promo along these lines

Save 30% on personal training and 1 or the 3 month memberships  

  • gift-cert-300x137
  • gift-cert1-300x137

(2 styles of gift card printed and only 21 card left of in this years run )

Get yours by either call/texting 4169016175 or asking front desk

Trifecta weekend Bootcamps

mississauga fitness classes

Without the right guidance going to crazy in any gym is fun for a bit but more often than not a recipe for disaster, that being said our conditioning area has literally everything needed to prep for optimal fitness so ive embarked on a little skill upgrade over the past 3 months and going to put the work to the test with  our next big focus over the holiday season with our Saturday  Trifecta fitness bootcamp sessions running Saturday the 16th & 23rd leading into the upcoming  Bootcamps starting January 2018th.


Thanks see you this week for the start of the wind down to 2017