It will soon be 2014 and we will start another year together in the pursuit of excellence. I am sure that like me, you will create some sort of “New Years Resolution” (Goals) and I want to help you and ask that you help me so that together we can both accomplish our goals.

Let’s lock in together on for the first quarter, the first 90 days of 2014 and get started on the goal getting process NOW! Before you finish reading this e-mail I want you to be FIRED UP about your goals for 2014. Doesn’t matter I they are training , financial, emotional or relationship related, the most important step in actually getting anything done is the next 90 days

The power of habit

“Champions don’t do extraordinary things. They do ordinary things, but they do them without thinking, too fast for the other team to react. They follow the habits they’ve learned.”
 Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Take a look at that book if you have some free time its very informative, Pretty much explains the power of the habits we create  through the actions we take daily.

To illustrate the point lets lets take drug use as an example……………….. If  I smoked crack cocaine daily for the next 90 days, on day 91 things may not be so great but on the other hand in today’s crazy world I might very well be just be running as  the next mayor of Toronto

mayor ford drunk

“sorry Ford nation that was too easy”

 The results we see in life fitness and otherwise are a direct result of the actions we take steps to repeat.

Good or bad your situation is most likely not accidental. Your goals are the target, but its your habits that form the road map to get you there.

Most Fall short of achieving their goals because they try to summit the mountain in one step, thinking that they can make a lifestyle change immediately because of the calendar changes from December 31 to January 1.. Sorry folks it doesn’t go like that.

Look no further than in the fitness industry where every January 1st “those big gym in a boxes, Goodlife, Premier – RIP 🙂 , etc ” see a massive influx of people promising themselves this is the year they make a change, invest in themselves and get to where they want to be health, fitness and performance wise.  It’s a great goal and they have the right idea, but without a proper road map to get you where you want to be, the odds are “you ain’t getting there any time soon”

Its brutal watching people habitually flock to these “gym in a boxes” with annual resolution in hand only to  fall off within 3-5 weeks and  repeat the cycle next year almost exactly the same.



Time You try something different

Set goals that are about WORKING ON YOU !!! If you work at your sport or your profession you will be good, if you develop habits that work on better yourself, you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Decide on that 2014 goal whatever it is, write out 3 or more  new Habits that will help get you there

Do it RIGHT NOW! NOT LATER!!! actually take a  PEN & PAPER & write it out,

***studies have shown physically writing out goals and sharing them with a small group of people heavily boosts your chances of success**

Remembers goals are where you want to be habits are what will get you there

Everyone loves a case study

Take a look at Daniel Pham a  member of elite training centre & mississauga boxing club.

Daniel came in fairly out of shape and over weight and decided like so many other people at this time of year to make a change.

 daniel pham mississauga elite

Over the course of the last year Dan has gone from a roundish type fellow to lean Muay thai boxing machine successfully the same way anyone who achieves their goals does it.

The big difference is Daniel and set himself up for success by creating good habits and following the lead of our coaches toward his goal. Not just wishing things would be how he wanted.

Follow your 3 positive actions simple for 21 days to make a helathy habit & join our list of recent success stories

Dan’s first 3 habits 

1-     Attend 3 group classes per week

2-     Replace  processed foods with whole natural ones

3-     Did his best to reduce / eliminate white sugar intake

The key is tackling the task in small junks and remembering everything changes. What takes you from day 1 to day 90 on the path towards your goals isn’t what will  guide you the rest of the way and thats where knowledgable friends, coaching and support staff come in very handy

Remember, whatever goals  you set your 3 habits of success  are for the first quarter of 2014.   Jan 1-April 1.


Good luck & Happy New Year , see you in 2014


Am I ever glad that DEC 21 2012 end of the world thing was a hoax, I hadn’t really planned past that but its time to get back on my goal setting 🙂