Hardknocks 45  mma wrap up

This past weekend we had Jontaine “aka the Juggernaught” hall step in the cage vs commonwealth gold medal wrestler  Arjan Bhullar at hard knocks 45 mma event in Calgary.


Jon came up short on the judges score card in a pretty skillful fight both guys had to go to plan b  at different points in the match to make it the full 15 minutes.


As a fight fan I know you’ve heard it a hundred times and almost after every loss someone says … “i’ll learn and come back better the next time but really this time it is the case Jon learned some very valuable lessons in the cage and both combatants managed to make it out of the fight without major injuries so able to get back to work after a fews of much deserved rest. As a heavyweight getting cage time is a valauble thing especially given the lack of quality well rounded opposition so this was a good experience putting everything into perspective.

Sorry No seminars…

I was approached about teaching a few classes while we were in calgary but with the fight being priority #1 and the short time between the event and the flight I wasn’t able to make that happen this time out. Now that I know about the interest I will definitely work something out next time i’m in the area and setup a special section on my site for mma and grappling  worshops

Whats up next..

Most summers things slow down but the crew is working pretty hard to be sharp for September when things traditionally pickup activity wise & it looks like James may have some overseas action before the summer is out so the work keep going.


If things work out as it looks they will we could be looking at a Mega ground shifting move for Downtown Toronto  Mma scene before the end of summer but lets keep that under wraps until more develops.

Good stuff and thanks to everyone at Toronto BJJ & Elite training centre for all the help in making Jontaine’s performance possible.

he would have worn some logos but it looks like he ran outta product placment space for the flight back home