MMA FANs!!!! If you think this fighting thing is “REAL” the jokes on you


Fight game is mainstream now and as a result NOT REAL/ORGANIC ZUFFA makes the stars so dont Conor or anyone else

Preface- no time for spell check today this is written straight off the cuff im in a hurry with things to do but had drop some updated knowledge on you guys as many people desperately need it right now..

Breaking news,you’ve been had. The internet blew up with news about Conor Mcgregors retirement yesterday..

I was like OHH  REALLY lol didn’t i say that same thing months ago?? see my prediction below

conor mcgregor retires

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“Ok Mcgregor fought his way to the belt at 145 and took it beating a great list of fighters.

The next step is the 155 and 170 belts  before ridding of into the sunset with the current UFC owners and a ton of money.

recent activity surround the way the event has been run has me thinking they are looking to sell the promotion.”

Right on a few points

1- he would try the multiple belts thing but fail given the opposition he’d have to beat.

“gotta be honest I saw Nate Diaz as an easy win for Conor but got shown otherwise the hard way”

Now the man has after taking that loss and apparently trying to allegedly  strong arm 10 million dollars as his purse for UFC 200

SAY WHAT 10 million?? YES 10 million!!! Now before you baulk at the figure and say its “never been done before” realize that there is a 1st time for

just about everything and it already happens for many of the top fighters.

The main event fighters are given ppv points on key events so dont think GSP , Aldo, Conor and the other mega stars haven’t walked away with 10+million

dollars from the nights work in the past. The issue here is that it would be 10 million contracted PURSE making his walk away pay upwards of 20 million which would be a great score for any athlete.

Unfortunately it seems he has gambled with the wrong guys and I don’t see Zuffa folding to any 1 athletes demands, retirement or not the answer for them is as always to just make another star.

KEY POINT —>>>In the universe of the UFC no 1 fighter is bigger than the show

There is a graveyard full of fighters careers now pretty  much dead because they ignored this 1 rule.  Most notably Tito ortiz 🙂 once the UFC poster boy now more or less erased from history

what tito saying now 1025_0

The real magic of Zuffa with Conor

Don’t get me wrong i totally support Conor as much money as he can for his efforts the work, sacrifice and risk all combat sports a athletes put themselves in should be rewarded much more than it is “just my humble opinion” but Conor made the classic mistake of starting to believe his own press clippings

pay careful attention now folks if you understand this formula it will all be clear to you

Unlce P’s  Master formula

—->>>The masses think Conor a big deal

 ——->>>>The Bosses at Zuffa knows he is really not, because they helped “create” him (more on this in a second)

——->>> The big mistake is Deep down inside Conor should also know that the Zuffa guys are probably a lot closer to being right about this than he is since they made it all possible.

heaviliy promoted

Zuffa doesn’t care about Conor, Gsp, Aldo or anyone else, Now because since MMA went mainstream its is mostly the general public watching not educated hardcore MMA fans. The general public is hit with so much info that they just shut down and accept the news as fact when actually for the most part it is just building a agenda or hype for someone.

MMA journalism in particular look at Aldo unbeaten in 10 years and a marvellous fighter the king of kings until was matched with the zuffa’s then favourite Conor. Soon as the match was announced the smear campaign started and he was reduced to being called names , a coward etc.

Aldo is a legend period> win lose or draw he deserves more respect that what was show to him. And Conor is a fool for thinking his day wouldnt come. There is no love in the fight game between promoters and athletes so the way the old king was taken down you have to realize could also happen to you.


The big takeaway. In the fight game no one is special

Everything aside there is always a guy with the skill set to beat you. maybe you had an off day or fight with the wife… a million things affect performance.

“2 guys enter both  certain they will win and 100 percent of the time 1 of them is wrong :)”

so if its not about skills what is it??

Creating Hero’s

Like i said earlier many of the fans now in the sport are the same people watching WWE  and things of that sort so they are all about twitter BEEF’s between fighters and trash talk

“the lowest part of this whole game” but it sells.

So out side of that the best have to also create a certain image and sell it to the masses if they pick it up and run with it a star is born. Better if that star can fight at a high level but regardless these promoters jobs is to promote so they will sell the package as much as possible then drop it and build a new one even if said fighter isnt even close to the best but popular.

Conor forgot this fact and started thinking they needed him, “strange coming off a loss” when really they don’t because they made him.

I can think of 5 guys that will EAT HIS LUNCH that are not getting paid anywhere near as well. Primarily because they are just trying to get paid via fighting and winning in cage not building the persona that makes then a product for the masses.


Yes hes a great fighter but with all the Press, public push and promotion hew got who wouldn’t be a star??

Down to even his look this whole this whole thing was built up to SELL..

tell me you don’t see a similarity here? lol I haven’t seen anyone  steal another’s style this hard since R-Kelly took over Aaron halls persona and ran with it in the 90’s

you tell me which one is worse? 🙂

Connor & the template he followed- even the same tattoo’s.. cmon people wake up 

conors template

or Aarons Hall vs R-Kelly

aaron_hall_513083 (1) rkelly

Take it as you will folks.. But remember in this fight game they make the stars so if you really want to call yourself a fight fan look past the and support the athlete who have the skills you appreciate minus the trash talk and manicured looks 🙂


I saying R-Kelly is far worse because went he jacked Aaron halls swagger in the 90’s that poor guy disappeared while R-Kelly went on to super stardom.

Connor clearly bit that other guys style to but at-least he is still modelling or doing whatever he is doing..

Updated prediction 

its Gonna be interesting but i suspect GSP makes a comeback beats Diaz and then fights Connor in a major pay-day after which UFC sells and everyone walks away with a bucket full of money