master mike hits the road running… HARD

Summer’s on the way

With the warmer part of the year quickly approaching we just want to give you all a heads up to remember to bring running shoes for outdoor warmups and sprint work as part of the Dynamic Strength and conditioning & MMA classes.

A simple & effective way to take your conditioning to the next level

Whether it be muay thai, brazilian jiu-jitsu or looking to improve your general fitness..Interval work is a great tool to kick your metabolism into high gear for hours post workout and something you can all expect to see a variety of in the coming weeks at mississauga elite while training along side me as I prep for upcoming mixed martial arts competition.

A simple effective protocol anyone can follow with a variety of excersises is

The tabata protocol

The Tabata protocol can be done with almost any exercise. The most obvious choice is outdoor sprinting or jumping rope.

For example, sprint 20 seconds, then rest (walk) 10 seconds, and continue until you have completed 8 x 20 second sprints. Always begin with a moderate warm-up and cool down session since you will be going at a pretty high Intesity once the circuit begins.

Here’s a quick indoor friendly circuit that will whip you into top shape quick

  • Jump Rope (sprint in place)
  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Medicine ball slams (or medball swings)

As a good start try to have your working consist of separate Tabata intervals, each consisting of 4 minutes. The total workout will last 16 minutes.

Fighting business 

I always tell people… I wish I had a way to fill you in on half the madness surrounding fight prep, weight cutting,sponsors, crazy fans and the other things that make MMA the best, weeks later when i try to mention it i get the feeling you don’t believe me. Starting next week once i get this thing up and running my solution is my new fight/training/idea related blog GTAMMA.COM

As the name states ill be hosting the best in technique, commentary and training from the Greater Toronto area’s plus the behind the scenes scoop from my upcoming training camp in south florida inside the blackzillians home base.

should be up and running by early may.

Upcoming BJJ tournement and the Man behind the Mississauga BJJ machine.

Ontarios largest bjj event is coming up shortly and we are wishing good look to all the Elite bjj students and everyone else competing under the banner of  Britto BJJ.. training has been great and the whole team is looking sharp

Having had the pleasure of training under many of the greats in the art of brazilian jiujitsu I recognize how special an insight Jorge’s has intomany overlooked and often considered  “BASIC” positions.  A student under master’s like Rickson, Relson and Royler Gracie plus .. Saulo /Xande ribiero & Vini Aieta, Jorge is a special resource of insight for students trully interested in the Art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and at mississauga elite we are very lucky to be a part of his network of students and looking forward to representing the team at the upcoming event.

Mississuga BJJ has never been stronger and things are just getting started.

Professor Jorge Britto with Relson Gracie