Personal training Packages and Holiday schedule

The snow is here and we are officially now into that holiday season, so here is a quick run down of what we have going on schedule wise for the next 2 weeks + some help for all you secret santa types looking to share the gift of better martial arts and fitness with your friends and family.

Holiday training schedule

Take a look at the holiday schedule over the next 2 weeks, we are open on our regular martial arts and fitness class schedule outside of the days listed,

Closed Tuesday Dec 24th , Wednesday dec 25th , Thursday dec 26th , 

Closed Tuesday December 31st , Wednesday January 1st 2014


Holiday Personal training promotion

We have been getting quite a few calls from people looking to get either memberships or equipment for their  loved one and we are always glad to help if even in secret 🙂 but given the time of year as expected the recent surge has been in personal training  requests.

Getting the results you want is always a lot easier guided by an expert, so every January since the beginning of time gyms get swamped with people looking to finally achieve  that elusive New years fitness resolution.

We are giving our members, friends and family a Head-start  on the rest of the pack with these                pre-christmas training packages valid for use before april 1st 2014

Personal Training package breakdowns

1 Session $ 70

3 Sessions $180 (save  $30 dollars)

5 Sessions $250 (save $100 dollars)

10 Sessions $450 (save $250 dollars)

*** this isn’t like the bad joke they call personal training in the big gyms where a weekend certified “trainer”  stands over you sitting in a machine barely working 🙂 We get results and we back it all up with a money back guarantee so the only thing you stand to lose with us is some of those unwanted extra pounds and definitely some of those bad habits in technique that have been holding you back.

Dont take my word for it though, this pic says it all


Here Sharon Lau , one of our most dedicated mid-day boxing members who came to the club pretty much exactly 5 weeks ago as a new members and is front and centre hitting pads with coach Lewis Blindfolded!! not sure where the idea came from but awesome none the less sharons come a long way in a short time working with us.

Great works Sharon