Hope all is well, with summer winding down things at the academy are swinging into action
as things open up locally which is good.

We’ve been training and I’m going to email you tomorrow about the new coaches we have joining
the mix in September 2020 running solid additions to our schedule especially while we await the
return of the jiu-jitsu programs.

But before that, I really want to touch on a common trend I’ve heard from everyone lately that is back
training. Outside of how much they missed academy, almost everyone mentioned
how much more sitting they’ve been doing daily.


Whether that’s working from home, watching TV or surfing the Internet the amount of time
people spend seated has exploded in the last few months, it comes with its problems health and fitness
wise so the natural reaction is to get back in the swing of things training asap …BUT one overlooked
fact is after sitting so long leads to things getting tight / not moving as well that can be a sure recipe
for injury so, and even more important;  keeping your mobility in check at any age/fitness level is always
a great idea.


Members know how big we are on dynamic warm-ups but If you are just getting started or maybe not
able to hit the academy, try mixing this material into your daily routine and I promise you’ll be
feeling and moving a lot better.

Download Below

It’s a pretty short E-book but you can also find the video’s on youtube –> Mobility Monster E-Book Download

Talk soon