Hi everyone,

There has been quite a buzz going about the new facility Elite training centre will be calling home as of december 2010 and it is well deserved.

this is the front view of the new home for elite training centre

Located just blocks from Dixie & Dundas our Full facility upgrade includes

  • A New expanded grappling area and wall mats
  • Our dedicated boxing/muay thai kickboxing  area
  • An expanded schedule including day classes
  • customized small group and personal fitness training

In addiiton to a lot more.. but  first things first


Despite what the Wynn fitness sales staff may try to tell you , you are not required to sign up with them for a facility membership in order  to take advantage of our Pre-Sale Special.

Arrangements have been made so that new members taking advantage of our  pre-sale specials and joining us to begin training this month are able to pay a single month’s facility membership  for Wynn fitness and are not locked into a contract when we leave to our new Academy DECEMBER 1sT.

For all new members coming in to join speak with either Claude patrick or Kru Dj Dallaire before registering for Elite or wynn fitness.

check back throughout the coming weeks for updates on our progress putting the new gym together.

feelfree to contact me with any questions or concerns at claudepatrick@gmail.com